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Village Pizza Too

Village Pizza Too

3790 Churchville Ave, Churchville, VA 24421

Closed until 11:00 AM

Full Hours

Opening at 11:00 AM

Homemade dough made fresh daily. Covered with our finest sauce, topped with quality cheese & your choice of delicious toppings.

Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Village Specialty Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions & green peppers.


Meat Lover's Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, ham & sirloin steak.


Healthy Vegetarian Pizza

Green peppers, mushrooms, onions, fresh sliced tomatoes & black olives.


Hawaiian Pizza

Mozzarella, ham & pineapple.


Buffalo Pizza

Chicken & banana peppers drizzled in ranch dressing.


White Pizza

Blend of mozzarella, ricotta & parmesan cheeses with garlic herbs & olive oil.



Mozzarella Sticks

Deep-fried cheese sticks. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside. Virtually guaranteed to be a table favorite! Served with a side of marinara sauce.


French Fries

Our delicious French fries are deep-fried 'till golden brown, with a crunchy exterior & a light fluffy interior. Seasoned to perfection!


Cheese Fries

With bacon.


Jalapeno Poppers

With cream cheese.


Jalapeno Poppers

Hot Wings

Chicken wings deep-fried, then dipped in hot sauce.


Hot Wings

Boneless Wings

Boneless chicken breast coated in breading.


Fried Pickles

Pickles coated with flour, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt & pepper & deep-fried for a perfect snack.


Onion Rings

Crispy onion slices deep-fried until golden-brown.


Breaded Mushrooms

Fresh hand-breaded mushrooms, deep-fried to a golden brown color.


Side of Meatballs

Ground meat rolled into small spheres, prepared with breadcrumbs, minced onion, eggs, butter & seasoning.



Homemade to order, lightly seasoned & delicious browned.



Caesar Salad

Crisp lettuce tossed with croutons, Caesar dressing & grated parm cheese.


Chef Salad


House Salad

A mixture of fresh seasonal greens.


Pizza Turnovers
All served with Village's special tomato sauce.


Pizza turnover stuffed with ham, ricotta & mozzarella cheeses.



Pizza turnover stuffed with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese & pizza sauce.



Pizza turnover stuffed with mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes, green peppers, mozzarella cheese & pizza sauce.


Steak Roll

Pizza turnover stuffed with steak mozzarella cheese & onions.


Steak Roll
Our finest subs made on an 8" sub roll. All subs, hot or cold are served with shredded lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes, onions, oil & vinegar.

The Boss Sub

Roast beef, turkey breast, boiled ham & provolone cheese.


Club Sub

Ham, turkey, bacon & provolone cheese.


Italian Special Sub

Boiled ham, Genoa salami, capicola & provolone cheese.


Ham & Cheese Sub

Boiled ham & provolone cheese.


Gobbler Sub

Sliced turkey breast.


Pizza Sub

Pepperoni smothered in our own pizza sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese.



Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, bacon & mayo.


Meatball Parmigiana Sub

Topped with homemade meatballs & parmesan cheese.


Chicken Parmigiana Sub

Chicken, parmesan & classic cheese.


Philly Steak Subs
Your choice of beef or chicken. Our steak subs are made with chopped sirloin & served on a toasted 8" sub roll topped with white American cheese.

Cheesesteak Sub

Shredded steak topped with classic cheese.


Italiano Sub

Chopped sirloin, Genoa salami, provolone cheese, mayo, lettuce & tomatoes.


Pizza Steak Sub

Chopped sirloin, onions, our special tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese.


Your choice of spaghetti or ziti. Served with a small salad.

Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

Pasta cooked al dente & tossed in our creamy homemade Alfredo sauce.


Pasta with Alfredo Sauce & Shrimp

Pasta cooked al dente & tossed in our creamy homemade Alfredo sauce & shrimp.


Pasta with Alfredo Sauce & Ham

Pasta cooked al dente & tossed in our creamy homemade Alfredo sauce & ham.


Pasta with Hearty Meat Sauce

Pasta tossed in our homemade meat sauce.


Pasta with Chunky Marinara Sauce

Pasta tossed in our homemade marinara sauce.


Baked Dishes
Our finest baked dishes prepared just for you. Served with a small salad. A real meal delivered to your table.


Layers of pasta, ricotta & mozzarella cheeses & ground beef, smothered in Village's tomato sauce & melted mozzarella cheese.


Stuffed Shells

Pasta shells stuffed with our own ricotta cheese mixture, topped with Village's tomato sauce & melted mozzarella cheese.


Baked Ziti

Tender pasta tubes mixed with ricotta cheese & Village's tomato sauce. Smothered in melted mozzarella cheese.


Baked Spaghetti

A generous bed of spaghetti tossed with Village's tomato sauce & smothered in melted mozzarella cheese.



New York Cheesecake

Classic New York cheesecake with a creamy satiny texture.


Carrot Cake



Fountain Drink



Nothing like a cold soda to go with your pizza.


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