Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant

15120 Washington St, Haymarket, VA 20169

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Stuffed Mushrooms $8.00
    Baked mushrooms stuffed with crab, sprinkled with parmigiana cheese.
  • Calamari Fritti $10.00
    An Italian classic! Squid battered and fried, served with our marinara sauce.
  • Bruschetta Alla Siciliana $8.00
    Toasted crostini, brushed in olive oil, and garlic, served with giuseppe’s bruschetta sauce.
  • Arancini $9.00
    Deep fried rice balls stuffed with ground beef, green peas and prosciutto ham. A taste of sicily.
  • Cherry Bombs $8.00
    Hot! Cherry peppers stuffed with ham and fresh provolone cheese.
  • Loaded Fries $7.00
    Fresh cut French fries covered in melted cheese and crispy bacon, served with ranch.
  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail $12.00
    Jumbo shrimp served with our house cocktail sauce.
  • Mozzarella Squares $9.00
    Fresh off the block mozzarella cheese squares, breaded, and deep fried until golden, served with our signature marinara sauce.
  • White Pizza $10.00
    Pizza topped with olive oil, fresh chopped garlic and mozzarella and Parmigiana cheeses.
  • Coconut Shrimp $12.00
    Jumbo shrimp breaded in our own coconut batter, deep fried till golden.
  • Buffalo Wings $8.00
    BBQ or hot buffalo sauce, served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing.
  • Mussels $9.00
    Mussels sautéed in white wine and garlic.
We make our own dough, sauce and use only the finest of cheeses! Neapolitan style (round and thin).
  • Cheese Pizza $8.00 +
    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
  • One Topping Pizza $9.00 +
  • Meat Lovers Pizza $12.00 +
    Sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham.
  • Pizza Margherita $12.00 +
    Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil.
  • Taco Pizza $12.00 +
    Spicy! Ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion.
  • White Pizza $12.00 +
    Garlic, olive oil, cheese.
  • The "Dunny" Pizza $12.00 +
    White pizza with bacon and spinach, side of ranch.
  • Greek Pizza $12.00 +
    Feta cheese, kalamata olives, onion, tomato.
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza $12.00
    Buffalo chicken, hot sauce, choice of dressing on the side.
  • Pizza di Capri $12.00 +
    Grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil.
  • Gluten-Free Pizza $12.00
    Personalize your gluten-free pizza with your favorite toppings.
  • Greek Salad $10.00
    Romaine lettuce with feta cheese, cucumbers, kalamata, olives, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Chef Salad $10.00
    Ham, salami and provolone cheese served on a bed of mixed lettuce, tomato, olives, and pepperoncini.
  • Jumbo Shrimp Salad $12.00
    Jumbo shrimp grilled in our blend of Italian herbs and spices, served on a bed of mixed lettuce.
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar $10.00
    Traditional caesar salad topped with a grilled chicken breast.
  • Italian Ministrone Soup $4.00 +
  • Caesar Salad $8.00
    Romaine lettuce salad served with freshly mode croutons and topped with caesar dressing.
  • Caprese Salad $10.00
    Fresh mozzarella, basil, artichoke, and sliced tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic.
  • Grilled Chicken Salad $10.00
    Filet of chicken breast grilled to perfection, served on a bed of mixed greens with your choice of salad dressing.
  • Garden Salad $6.00
    Simple tossed salad of lettuce, tomatoes and onion with choice of dressing.
  • Sausage $5.00
  • Fresh Cut French Fries $3.00
  • Asparagus $5.00
  • Garlic Bread $4.00
  • Meatball $5.00
  • Onion Rings $4.00
  • Broccoli $5.00
All subs and sandwiches are made on fresh baked bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and italian dressing. Your choice of sub roll or focaccia bread, served with homemade fries.
  • Ham & Cheese Sandwich $9.00
    Hot or cold.
  • Vegetarian Sandwich $9.00
    Hot or cold. Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and two cheeses.
  • Meatball Parmigiana Sandwich $10.00
    Meatballs, cheese and sauce.
  • Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich $10.00
    Chicken, cheese and sauce.
  • Sausage, Peppers & Onions $10.00
    Smothered in sauce.
  • Cheeseburger $9.00
    Seasoned ground beef with provolone cheese.
  • Gyro $9.00
    Feta cheese and special sauce on pita.
  • Turkey $9.00
    Hot or cold.
  • Zep Hoagie Italian Sandwich $9.00
    Hot or cold.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich $10.00
    Eggplant, cheese and sauce.
  • Veal Parmigiana $11.00
    Veal, cheese and sauce.
  • Cheese Steak $9.00
    With sautéed onions.
  • Grilled Chicken $9.00
    Marinated and grilled.
  • Grilled Chicken Gyro $9.00
    Marinated grilled chicken, feta cheese and special sauce on pita.
  • Calzone $9.00
    Ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and your choice of ham or spinach.
  • Strombolino $9.00
    Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.
  • Chicken with Artichoke $15.00
    Fileted chicken breast cooked with artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes in a rosé wine sauce, served with linguine.
  • Sicilian Style Chicken $15.00
    Fileted chicken breast sautéed with roasted red peppers, onions and sun-dried tomatoes in a rosé wine sauce, served with penne pasta.
  • Chicken Parmigiana $15.00
    Breaded chicken breast baked with tomato sauce and Parmigiana cheese, served with spaghetti.
  • Cannelloni with Chicken $15.00
    Homemade pasta stuffed with spinach, ground chicken, and mozzarella, served with a light béchamel sauce.
  • Chicken Cacciatore $15.00
    Fileted chicken breast sautéed with celery, carrots, mushrooms, and olives, cooked in a marinara sauce, served with fettuccine.
  • Chicken Marsala $15.00
    Fileted chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms and marsala wine, served with fresh fettuccine.
  • Chicken Francese $15.00
    Chicken sautéed in butter, lemon, white wine, and fresh mushrooms, served over fresh fettuccine.
  • Chicken in Bottito $16.00
    Chicken stuffed with prosciutto ham and cheese, topped with mushrooms sautéed in a brandy sauce, served with asparagus.
  • Chicken Piccata $15.00
    Fileted chicken breast sautéed in butter and lemon-caper sauce, over angel hair.
  • Ribeye $27.00
    Bone-in 14 oz. Ribeye grilled to your preference, served with fresh-cut french fries or baked potato.
  • New York Strip $22.00
    14 oz. New York strip cooked to your preference, served with fresh-cut French fries or baked potato.
  • Veal Marsala $16.00
    Tender veal medallions sautéed with mushrooms and marsala wine, served with fettuccine.
  • Veal Parmigiana $16.00
    Breaded veal topped with tomato sauce and cheese, served with penne.
  • Veal Salti in Bocca $16.00
    Tender veal medallions served with eggplant, prosciutto ham, and topped with mozzarella, served with fettuccine.
  • Veal Francese $16.00
    Tender pieces of veal medallions sautéed in butter and lemon with white wine and fresh mushrooms served over fettuccine.
  • Veal Piccata $16.00
    Tender veal medallions sautéed in a lemon-caper sauce, served over linguine.
  • Vittello in Bottito $17.00
    Veal stuffed with prosciutto ham and cheese, topped with mushrooms sautéed in a brandy sauce, served with fettuccine.
  • Canelloni Bolognese $16.00
    Homemade pasta stuffed with ground veal, spinach, and a special blend of herbs, and spices, served with our marinara.
  • Linguine with Clams $16.00
    Fresh little neck clams sautéed with garlic, herbs, and white wine, served with white or red sauce.
  • Shrimp Fra Diavolo $16.00
    Jumbo shrimp sautéed in spicy marinara sauce, served on fettuccine.
  • Fettuccine Adriatico $18.00
    Homemade fettuccine topped with shrimp and crab, served with our signature rosé sauce.
  • Shrimp Scampi $16.00
    Fresh shrimp sautéed in our chefs secret recipe of garlic and spices, served on angel hair pasta.
  • Seafood Cannelloni $17.00
    Homemade pasta stuffed with lobster, scallops, and shrimp, in a roasted red pepper sherry sauce.
  • Frutti di Mare $18.00
    Squid, clams, shrimp, and baby octopus sautéed and topped with our signature sauce over linguine.
  • Ravioli D' Aragosta $17.00
    Homemade ravioli stuffed with lobster, served with our our vodka rosé sauce.
  • Grilled Salmon $16.00
    Salmon grilled to perfection, served with garlic and olive oil sautéed asparagus.
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs Siciliane $14.00
    Spaghetti with giuseppe’s homemade meatballs in our fresh marinara sauce.
  • Rattlesnake Pasta $18.00
    Penne pasta, grilled chicken, bacon, and peppers, tossed in a spicy triple-cheese alfredo sauce.
  • Fettuccine Alfredo $16.00
    Rich, creamy alfredo sauce and grilled chicken over fettuccine.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana $15.00
    Our version of the traditional eggplant parmigiana topped with mozzarella and marinara sauce, served with spaghetti.
  • Fettuccine Carbonara $15.00
    Fresh fettuccine with prosciutto ham and peas in our own creamy alfredo sauce.
  • Sausage & Green Pepper Linguine $15.00
    Italian sausage, green peppers and onions over linguine with giuseppe’s marinara sauce.
  • Gnocchi Alla Vodka $15.00
    Potato pasta served with our vodka sauce.
  • Tortellini Tre-Colori $15.00
    Cheese filled tri-coloured tortellini smothered in alfredo sauce.
  • Eggplant Rollatini $15.00
    Fresh eggplant sliced and fried, stuffed with ricotta cheese, and baked in tomato sauce topped with melted cheese, served with a side of penne pasta.
  • Create Your Own Pasta Dish $14.00
  • Baked Ziti $14.00
    Ricotta and mozzarella cheese.
  • Baked Ziti Siciliana $15.00
    Ziti ricotta cheese and eggplant.
  • White Lasagna $14.00
    Layers of pasta filled with chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese, in a light cream sauce.
  • Ravioli di Formaggio $14.00
    Cheese ravioli with marinara sauce.
  • Manicotti $14.00
    Homemade pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese.
  • Lasagna Alla Bolognese $14.00
    Layers of pasta filled with ricotta cheese, ground beef, tomato sauce, and our herb and spice blend.
  • Stuffed Shells $14.00
    A house favorite! Pasta shells and ricotta cheese topped with marinara sauce.
  • Ravioli di Carne $14.00
    Meat ravioli with marinara sauce.
Try one of our delicious homemade specialties.
  • Cannoli $6.00
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake $6.00
  • Tiramisu $6.00
  • Coconut Cake $6.00
  • Es $3.00
  • Hot Tea $2.00
  • Milk $2.50
  • Pink Lemonade $2.00
  • San Pellegrino $4.00
  • Cappuccino $4.00
  • Coffe $2.00
  • Chocolate Milk $2.75
  • Apple Juice $2.00

Does Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant have any deals?


Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant is not currently offering deals.

Where is Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant located?


Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant is located at 15120 Washington St, Haymarket, VA 20169.

What food is served at Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant?


Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant makes gluten free pizza, neapolitan pizza, thin crust pizza, healthy pizza and more!
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