American Flatbread Burlington Hearth

115 Saint Paul St, Burlington, VT 05401

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Dancing Heart Pizza$7.25 +
Garlic oil, Grana Padano cheese with toasted sesame seeds, salt and black pepper.
Cheese & Herbs Pizza$9.75 +
Mozzarella, Italian Grana Padano cheese, garlic oil and fresh herbs.
Medicine Wheel Pizza$11.00 +
Our wood-fired cauldron organic tomato sauce baked with mozzarella, Italian Grana Padano cheeses and fresh herbs.
Revolution Pizza$11.50 +
Our wood fired cauldron organic tomato sauce baked with mozzarella, Italian Grana Padano cheese and fresh herbs.
Roasted Tomato Salsa Pizza$10.50 +
Our house made salsa made with roasted organic tomatoes, organic garlic, onions, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro baked with organic corn, black beans, mozzarella and fresh herbs.
Punctuated Equilibrium Pizza$12.25 +
Kalamata olives,oven roasted sweet red peppers, handmade Vermont goat cheese, fresh rosemary, red onions, cheese and fresh herbs.
Power To The People Pizza$13.75 +
Misty Knoll chicken, buffalo sauce, red onions, carrots, blue cheeses dressing, mozzarella, Italian Grana Padano cheese and herbs.
Pepperoni & Peppers Pizza$13.00 +
All natural nitrate-free pepperoni baked with organic green peppers, red onions, our homemade wood-fired cauldron organic tomato sauce, cheeses and fresh herbs.
New Vermont Sausage Pizza$13.25 +
Housemade nitrate free maple fennel sausage, made with local fresh pork, baked with sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheeses and fresh herbs.
Soup of the Day$7.00
Ask the restaurant for today's selection.
Evolution Salad$7.50
Organic greens with organic carrots, celery, arame seaweed, toasted sesame seeds and our housemade ginger tamari vinaigrette.
Family Salad$30.00
Our evolution salad prepared big enough for the whole family. Serves approximately 6-8 people.
Huevos Rancheros Flatbread$13.25 +
Vermont eggs, white bean pure, poblano peppers and cheddar cheese, topped with salsa fresca, shredded lettuce and a chili lime sour cream.
Farmers Scramble Flatbread$12.75 +
Scrambled Vermont eggs, Roma tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese.
Eggs Benedict Flatbread$14.75 +
Smoked pork loin, Vermont eggs, Roma tomatoes, and Hollandaise.
Rookie's Draft Root Beer$3.00
Vermont Apple Cider$3.00
House Made Maple Lemonade$3.00
Natural Ginger Ale$3.00
Saratoga Sparkling Water$3.00
Chocolate Milk$3.00
Apple Sparkling Cider$3.50
Sour Cherry Apple$3.50
Cranberry Juice$2.50
Orange Juice$2.50
Diet Coke$2.00
Fuze Iced Tea$2.00
VT Coffee$2.00
Hot Tea$2.00
Nothern Bayou Cold Brew$5.00


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