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Steph's Pizza

Steph's Pizza

3691 5510 S Orchard St, University Place, WA 98467

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Steph's Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Personal Pizza

Pizza with One Topping


Gluten Free One Topping Pizza


Specialty Pizzas

Italian Stallion Pizza

A new crew favorite! Sliced salami, roasted red peppers, Italian sausage, Greek pepperoncini, white onions and fresh mushrooms. Get out our boxing gloves, 'you will be fighting for the last slice.


Supreme Pizza

Veggies and meat layered in perfect harmony; onions, peppers, pepperoni, smoked ham, mushrooms, olives & Italian sausage. Stacked thick with ingredients & sure to satisfy.


The Greek Pizza

Tacoma's healthiest like 1-5 pack traffic pizza packs flavor! Chopped garlic, black olives, roma tomatoes and grilled chicken atop a bed of fresh spinach. Experience the Greek and wish your tastebuds to a seaside Mediterranean village!


Madison Ave Pizza

Steph's new favorite! Fire roasted red peppers, spinach, real bacon & feta cheese on a rich white garlic sauce base. Your taste buds will be headed uptown with this iconic pizza.


Texas Hold Em Pizza

Move over ladies, this one's for the men in house! Ground beef, smoked ham, mushrooms, onions, bacon and a hint of jalapeño spice, from the Rio Grande to the city of destiny, this traditional flavor encompass the best of the all West!


Meaty Pizza

A longstanding best seller! Pepperoni, smoked ham, Italian sausage, real bacon and lots of mozzarella. A guaranteed crowd pleaser!


Super Veggie Pizza

The most popular of veggie pizza! Piled high with onions, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, artichoke hearts and roma tomatoes. Super delicious and super healthy.


Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza

A serious Hawaiian upgrade! Totally loaded with extra portions of smoked ham, sweet pineapple, mozzarella cheese and real bacon. A true family favorite!


Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Melt in your mouth goodness! Our signature garlic alfredo sauce topped with fresh mushrooms, roma potatoes and grilled chicken breast. Comfort food at its finest!


Chicken Bacon Artichoke Pizza

Steph's most famous gourmet pizza! Chicken breast, real bacon, artichoke hearts and fresh spinach on our signature garlic white sauce. This pizza really hits the spot!


Beef N Blue Pizza

Beef, bacon and blue cheese. Need I say more topped with peppers and mushrooms as well. This pizza may be new to town, but it promises to bring loads of flavor to your dinner table!


Spicy Chicken Bacon Pizza

The new chicken bacon ranch pizza! This guy has a little jalapeño to heat things up, and tomato slices and ranch to cool them back down. Try one today its finger lickin' good.


Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Here by popular demand! Spicy buffalo chicken and diced jalapeños with a creamy blue cheese base. This is a must have pizza!


T-town Hipster Pizza

Awesome white sauce veggie pizza! Great combination of healthy ingredients including spinach, tomatoes, black olives and artichoke hearts - all blended together with a creamy ranch base. Truly, a metropolitan masterpiece!


Mediterranean Pizza

Zesty flavors on a light and crispy crust! Hard salami. Greek pepperoncini, white onion, Roma tomatoes, and fresh garlic atop a pure, extra virgin olive oil base. Steph's Mediterranean served on our exclusive, cracker-like 'thin and crispy' crust.


Kasey's Combo Pizza

Stacked thick with toppings! Salami' pepperoni, smoked ham, mushrooms, olives, tomato and green pepper on our traditional red sauce. Our best selling combination pizza.


Famous Breads
Made to order with love using our custom pizza dough and covered in fresh Italian cheeses. Choose from three amazing flavor options!

Steph's Famous Breads


Fresh Salads
Crisp romaine lettuce (organic when available), fresh chopped meat and veggies, gourmet dressings. Steph's salads are refreshing choice all year!

Garden Salad

Bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato, croutons.


Greek Salad

Black olives, tomato & feta cheese.


BLT Salad

Lots of bacon, tomato and croutons.


House Salad

Chicken, olives & tomato.


Caesar Salad

Chicken, parmesan & croutons.


Buffalo Wings
Steph's party wings are awesome! Scratch-made sauces and custom seasoning create mouth-watering flavors. The perfect match with great pizza!

Hot Buffalo Wings


Mild Buffalo Wings


Oven Roasted Wings


Thai Chili Wings


Garlic Parmesan Wings


Happiness is on your way own steph's pizza calzone! We stuff pizza toppings and cheese (including whole milk ricotta) into pizza dough and then close it up and bake it. These single serving "pizza pockets" are so good!

Combo Calzone

Pepperoni, olives, sausage. All calzones served with marinara sauce on side.


Three Meat Calzone

Smoked ham, pepperoni, sausage. All calzones served with marinara sauce on side.


Pepperoni Lover Calzone

Extra pepperoni and mozzarella. All calzones served with marinara sauce on side.


Veggie Calzone

Mushrooms, onion, olives. All calzones served with marinara sauce on side.


Hawaiian Calzone

Pineapple, smoked ham, real bacon. All calzones served with marinara sauce on side.


Our pasta is made fresh to order using top quality ingredients and al dente fusilli noodles. We make our own alfredo sauce from the best heavy cream butter and parmesan cheese.

Chicken Alfredo


Chicken Carbonara

Alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms.


Happiness is when my honey comes hone with a pink box from steph's pizza. I know its filled with my favorite cannoli!

Original Cannoli

Rich vanilla cream.


Chocolate Lovers Cannoli

Loaded with chocolate cream & dark chips.


Cherry Mudslide

Chocolate cream and candied cherries.


Chocolate Peanut Butter

Reese's peanut butter & chocolate cream.


Cherry Vanilla

Candied cherries and creamy vanilla.


Caramel Cannoli

Vanilla and butter caramel.


Strawberry Cheesecake

Steph's favorite!


Chocolate Chip

Rich vanilla & chocolate chips.


NY Cheesecake

Made with real cream cheese!


Cinna Sticks

With frosting.



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