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Leonardo's Pizzeria

Leonardo's Pizzeria

16505 SE 1st St, Vancouver, WA 98684

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Leonardo's Pizzeria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Classic Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

The classic: pepperoni and our house cheese blend.


Fat Cow Pizza

Cheese Pizza is perfected with a double portion of our special blend of cheeses.


The Maui Pizza

Canadian-style bacon with chunks of sweet pineapple.


Signature Pizza

The Pounder Pizza

Pepperoni, Canadian-style bacon, salami, hickory bacon, Italian sausage, and beef.


Garlic Chicken Pizza

Grilled chicken, garlic, artichoke hearts, red onion, feta cheese, and white sauce.


Leonardo’s Supreme Pizza

Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, and pepperoncini.


Combo Grande Pizza

Salami, Italian sausage, beef, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, onions, green pepper, and fresh roma tomatoes.


Vegetarian Pizza

The Vegetarian Pizza

Fresh mushrooms, black olives, onions, green peppers, and fresh roma tomatoes.


Little Oven Annie Pizza

Spinach, feta cheese, sweet caramelized onions with a grape leaf-walnut pesto.


Artichoke Veggie Pizza

Mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, and mozzarella.


Sedona Sun Pizza

Pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh garlic with our homemade basil pesto sauce


Specialty Pizza

The Sicilian Pizza

Marinated artichoke hearts, Canadian-style bacon, black olives, and red peppers.


The Farmhouse Pizza

Grilled Chicken, hickory bacon, red onions and spinach over ranch sauce.


Thai Chicken Pizza

Snow peas, chicken, onions, red peppers, and cilantro with a spicy peanut-ginger sauce.


Janel’s BBQ Pizza

Seasoned chicken, hickory bacon, canadian-style bacon, mushrooms with bbq sauce.


Margherita Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, and garlic


Taco Pizza

Choice of grilled chicken or ground beef with refried beans and taco seasoning, Topped with black olives, salsa, shredded lettuce and nacho chips.




Order of 6 golden brown breadsticks made from our fresh homemade pizza dough, and served with your choice of dipping sauce.


Mozzarella Sticks

Eight sticks served with your choice of dipping sauce


Crostino Bread

Delicious cheesy bread with fresh herb and butter seasonings.


Chicken Wings

Served with carrot and celery sticks and your choice of dipping sauce.



Gorgonzola-Pear Salad

Candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, pears, red onion, and fresh romaine lettuce, served with our house cranberry vinaigrette on the side.


Caesar Salad

Tossed with croutons and parmesan cheese


Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, and pepperoncinis, served on a bed of lettuce with our house Italian dressing on the side.



Chicken Deluxe Sub

Tender chunks of chicken, green peppers, onions, and hickory bacon with honey mustard


Chicken Pesto Sub

Basil pesto, chicken, red pepper, and red onion.


Totally Italian Sub

Pepperoni, salami, Canadian-style bacon, green peppers, olives, and onions with our Homemade Marinara sauce


Sriracha Chicken Sandwich

Chicken tossed in Sriracha mayo, red pepper, onion, hickory bacon & lettuce.


Sausage Sub

Spicy italian sausage, onions, and green peppers, with our homemade marinara sauce.


Kids Menu

Kid's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Served with chips and applesauce.


Kid's Chicken Nuggets

Served with chips and applesauce. With choice of dipping sauce.


Kid's Mac-n-Cheese

Served with a breadstick and applesauce.



Leonardo’s Mud Pie

Layers of fudge, peanut butter, and mocha almond fudge ice cream all on an Oreo crust, topped with whipped cream, a chocolate syrup drizzle,and a cherry



Try one of these jumbo cookies from a local Vancouver artisan bakery. Ask about our current selection.


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