Christiano's Pizza

1964 S Koeller St, Oshkosh, WI 54902

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Christiano's Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Gourmet Pizza$16.95 +
Mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms, red onions, Roma tomatoes, bell peppers, & fresh garlic.
Combo Danza Pizza$16.95 +
Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, white onions, black olives, & green peppers.
My Maria Pizza$15.30 +
Extra virgin olive oil, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, & provolone cheese; topped lightly with our Christianos pizza sauce.
BBQ Chicken Pizza$17.95 +
Mozzarella cheese, sliced chicken breast & Christianos own creamy BBQ sauce on a double crust.
Mediterranean Pizza$17.95 +
Roasted red peppers, Alfredo sauce, fresh spinach, shrimp, & mozzarella cheese on a double crust.
Dad's Special Pizza$15.95 +
Mozzarella cheese, italian sausage, pepperoni, & mushrooms.
Veggie Pizza$15.95 +
Mozzarella cheese, fresh mushrooms, red & green bell peppers, red onions, Roma tomatoes, & black olives.
Hawaiian Pizza$14.95 +
Mozzarella cheese, Italian smoked ham, & pineapple.
Sausage Special Pizza$15.95 +
Mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, mushrooms, & white onions.
Margarita Pizza$15.30 +
A rustic tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella & basil on a double crust topped with extra virgin olive oil.
Cheese Pizza$12.75 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Garlic Bread$4.95
Our own made fresh daily bread topped with real butter and fresh garlic.
Cheesy Bread Sticks$5.95
Our own made-fresh-daily bread sticks topped with 100% Wisconsin mozzarella.
Cheesy Tomato Bread$6.95
Our famous garlic bread topped with mozzarella cheese and sliced Roma tomatoes.
Meatball Appetizer$7.95
Four large meatballs in our original red sauce, smothered in parmesan cheese; served with garlic bread.
Simple Dinner Salad$5.95
Mix of our crisp romaine lettuce & iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, & red onions; topped with mozzarella cheese.
Greek Salad$9.95
Mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta, artichoke hearts, & fresh basil pesto; served with Greek vinaigrette dressing.
Caesar Salad$8.95
Crisp romaine lettuce, Christianos original parmesan croutons, & freshly shaved parmesan cheese; served with caesar dressing.
Grilled Chicken Avocado Salad$11.95
Grilled chicken tossed in a fresh basil pesto, sweet corn, black beans, avocado, rotini pasta; served with tomato vinaigrette dressing.
Christianos Pasta Salad$10.95
Crisp romaine lettuce, topped with grilled chicken breast & our Christianos rotini pasta blend of diced tomatoes, red onions, black & green olives, & mozzarella cheese; served with our original Italian dressing & our famous Christianos garlic bread.
Italian Salad$9.95
Romaine & iceberg lettuce, tomato, black olives, pepperoni, green pepper, red onion, pepperoncini & cheese.
Spinach Salad$10.95
Fresh spinach & spring mix lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion, black olives, bacon, gorgonzola cheese: served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Roasted Beet Spinach Salad$10.95
Fresh spinach, lettuce, beets, tomatoes, feta & walnuts; served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Gourmet Calzone$11.95
Baked with smoked ham, mushrooms, salami, red onions, & mozzarella cheese; topped with fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, & our signature Italian dressing.
Chicken Calzone$11.95
Baked with sliced chicken breast fillet & mozzarella cheese; topped with fresh romaine lettuce tomatoes, & our signature Italian dressing.
Veggie Calzone$11.95
Tomato sauce, portabello mushrooms, spinach, roasted red & green peppers, red onions, provolone & mozzarella cheese.
Served with chips.
The Real Italian Sub Sandwich$8.95
Smoked ham, Italian salami, & melted provolone cheese; topped with crisp romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, & our signature Italian dressing.
Classic Italian Sausage Sandwich$8.95
Italian sausage patty with red sauce & melted provolone cheese.
Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap Sandwich$9.95
Grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, bacon, & ranch dressing wrapped in a sun-dried tomato basil tortilla.
Chicken Caesar Wrap Sandwich$8.95
Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese; tossed in caesar dressing & wrapped in a sun-dried tomato basil tortilla.
Grilled Cheese Panini Sandwich$8.95
A perfect trio of provolone, cheddar, & mozzarella cheese; roasted tomato & crispy bacon.
Chicken & Artichoke Heart Panini Sandwich$9.95
Grilled chicken, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted tomato, provolone cheese, & spinach with mayo.
Italian Roast Beef Sandwich$9.95
A Christianos classic with char-roasted beef, melted provolone cheese, sautéed green bell peppers & caramelized onions.
The Cheesy Meatball Sandwich$7.95
Italian meatballs with our original red sauce, smothered in mozzarella & provolone cheese.
Fettuccini Alfredo$10.95
Pasta sauteed in cream sauce with cheese & a touch of garlic.
Tomato Basil Penne Pasta$10.95
Penne pasta, sliced tomato, fresh basil & garlic sauteed with cream & wine.
Lasagna Pasta$12.95
Layered fresh ricotta cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, meat, Christianos original red sauce, mozzarella, & fresh basil.
Chicken Milano Pasta$11.95
Grilled chicken with sautéed red & onion, fresh mushrooms & black olives with a blend of our red & cream sauces; served over penne pasta.
Alaskan Salmon Pasta$14.95
Wild caught Alaskan salmon served with a creamy alfredo dill sauce over basil pesto fettuccini.
Basil Pesto Pasta$10.95
Fresh basil ground with olive oil, pine nuts, fresh garlic & parmesan cheese; served over fettuccini.
Shrimp Primavera Pasta$14.95
Penne pasta with portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, spinach & tomatoes tossed in a light cream sauce.
Spaghetti Pasta$9.95
Christianos original Italian red sauce.
Kid's Spaghetti$4.95
Kid's Alfredo$4.95
Kid's Personal Pizza$4.95
Kid's Grilled Cheese$4.95
Gelato$2.95 +
Cheese Cake$5.95
Fountain Drink$1.99
We proudly serve coco-cola products.
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$1.99
Dine-in only.
Collectivo Coffee$1.99
Dine-in only.
Berry Lemonade Bottomless$3.19
Dine-in only.


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