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'Vaplo,' as the people of Indiana affectionately call it, is a county seat of Porter County, Indiana. Initially, it was known as Portersville but was later renamed Valparaiso, which means "Valley of Paradise" in Old Spanish. One interesting thing to note about Valparaiso; towards the end of the 19th Century, the city had so many churches that city, so it was commonly referred to as the "City of churches." Today, people visit Valparaiso to create unique memories and experience the unique culture. The city is filled with numerous historic homes, museums, and art galleries. Its streets are dotted with old buildings, some with graffiti whose sight makes it a visually interesting destination.
Valparaiso has a laid-back atmosphere, so it’s not surprising that pizza lovers tend to favor more casual dining options. Most pizzerias in Valparaiso have a unique and rich history. The chefs insist on well-prepared, quality cuisines that have gotten better over the years. The residents of Valparaiso have the choice of many pizza styles from Chicago deep-dish to New York-style thin crust and everything in between.

The best pizza in Valparaiso: a local guide

The Chicago deep-dish pizza is the prevalent pizza style in Valparaiso. It doesn't come as a shock since Valparaiso is a suburb of Chicago. The making of Chicago-style pizza is considered easy and fun. It is baked in a deep-dish cake pan. The pizza's thick dough is spread in the pan and then layered with cheese, toppings, and a thin layer of sauce.
Chicago-style pizza is not your regular pizza crust. The crust is ultra-buttery, with a flaky texture, and It is unique. Sometimes, cornmeal is added to the dough to make the crust crunchy. The pizza dough is layered in butter to achieve a buttery effect. The butter is spread on the pizza dough then it is folded up. When the dough is rolled out, the butter is locked inside. The pizza melts in your mouth but remains crunchy in every bite. Thick layers of shredded or sliced mozzarella are added to the pizza. Most people love their Chicago deep-dish pizza topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausages or bacon. Sometimes even both. The cheese goes directly on the dough, followed by the cheese. Then the toppings are added - sometimes with even more cheese. The recommended sauce for Chicago-style pizza is mostly garlic-infused thick sauce because it sticks to the crust and provides rich flavor.

Best Delivery Pizza in Valparaiso

When ordering pizza, you want the fastest option with good value. You want to enjoy the pizza tantalizingly hot and fresh with the cheese creamy and not too chewy. For the perfect pizza experience that will always leave you wanting more, check out Santini's Pizza. They will tick all your boxes. Santini's pizzas are so full of flavor and different from your average pizza. The crust is golden brown and brushed with garlic butter. They use fresh ingredients from mushrooms to peppers. These small but mighty ingredients constantly make a massive difference in the overall quality of the pizzas. Why not test your culinary skills and customize your own pizza? They also serve substantial mozzarella sticks full of flavor as well as tasty and respectable house wine. We recommend you try the calzone. So irresistible. Yum!

Best Takeout Pizza in Valparaiso

Tony's Place is a long-standing pizza parlor operating since 1955. The pizzeria has had the same owner since its start. They serve house-made crust and signature sauce with a retro flair. With a rustic Italian taste in a vintage style of dining and great ambiance, Tony's Place is one of the best restaurants in Valparaiso. It is an iconic part of the community and is in the Pizza Hall of Fame. They serve significant portions with friendly staff and a perfectly curated menu, with undeniably great deals on pizza and beer. Their pizzas embrace authentic Italian cuisine and are mostly square cut, thin-crust pizzas with loads of toppings. The menu has a comprehensive list of items from their lasagne to their eggplant parmesan sandwich to their linguini with white clam sauce. For families, most kids prefer the baked penne. Their portions are so generous that you won't even consider ordering dessert.

Best Pizza Near Valparaiso


AJ's Pizza in the heart of Chesterton focuses on delivering perfection to your table. They do not serve typical pizzas. They aim a notch higher to ensure that they are ahead of everyone in the game. You should make a point of trying their Italian beef pizza. The dough is prepared crispy and crunchy, and the Italian beef is super soft and never chewy. Prime ingredients are utilized to deliver excellent meals. Their menu is broad, mainly delivering varieties of pizza and salads, build-your-own-mac-&-cheese, and specialty cocktails. It's a perfect place for delicious food and great beer.

Cedar Lake

If you want to try BBQ pizza from a place outside Valparaiso, 41 Pizzeria would be a perfect start. Their pizzas are made from expertly kneaded dough and fresh chicken. They offer a family package consisting of a large pizza, pasta, salad, and wings enough for you and your family. The customer service is excellent, and the staff is polite and helpful.


Arrenello's Pizza has been an award-winning pizzeria serving authentic pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches since 1972. They credit their amazing pizzas to their sweet sauce. Their sweet sauce has an unexpected tang that keeps their loyal customers returning time after time. They also offer ribs and seafood if you want something different with your pizza.

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