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The best pizza in Collierville: a local guide

The town of Collierville in Shelby County, Tennessee is one of the oldest towns in the area as it was founded in 1836 and named after Jesse R. Collier. Even though the town was initially incorporated in 1850, it was reincorporated in 1870 after most of the town was burnt down in a battle. Economic development came about here in the 1900s thanks to cotton and dairy products as well as the establishment of manufacturing industries in the town. If you visit Collierville today, ensure you spend time at the historic Town Square and Main Street where you’ll come across beautiful edifices and shops. If you love music, then you’ll surely want to hang around at the Town Square on a Friday night between April and October to enjoy bluegrass and traditional music. Other top attractions in the town include Norton Museum of Collierville History and the Collierville Burch Library.

Collierville is known for Stuffed pizza

Here in Collierville, it’s not enough for pizza to come with just one layer of dough that has the toppings exposed on top. Instead, the pizza should be rich with various ingredients that are delicately wrapped between layers of dough that will be filling. As a result, the most fancied pie here is stuffed pizza. It’s easy to confuse this pie with the Chicago deep-dish pizza, but they’re not the same and you can be sure that the residents know the difference. Interestingly, stuffed pizza also originated in Chicago in the early 1970s, but its double layers of crust differentiate it from the deep-dish style. When you place an order for the stuffed pie the restaurants here serve, prepare for a well-baked golden brown pie that’s layered with toppings you choose, as well as fresh sauce. The pie takes a bit longer to cook but that’s okay because you know what you’re getting when it’s served. Folks in Collierville never get tired of this pizza and a taste of it will show you why that’s the case.

Best Delivery Pizza in Collierville

It’s not every time you’ll be willing to cook or even head out for dinner, whether alone or with company, and that’s exactly why pizza delivery remains a fantastic option. If you’re in Collierville, you already know by now – if you’re a pie aficionado – that the place to get your desired pizza from is no other than Bella’s Pizzeria on West Poplar Avenue. Why? Because the guys here not only serve absolutely delicious pizza, but also deliver on time every time, so that you never have to keep waiting and struggling with hunger. There’s virtually no way you won’t find the exact pie that will cater to your needs, seeing as they serve delicious stuffed pies, New York-style pies, as well as other specialty pies too. Besides, you can create your own pie too, so you’re covered either way. Place an order on Slice now and your pie will be on its way to you before you know it.

Best Takeout Pizza in Collierville

If there’s one place in Collierville that folks that love pizza never get tired of stopping by for a quick pickup, it’s Milano’s Pizza on Merchants Park Circle. It’s why the locals consider it the best takeout pizza place in the town and always keep coming back for more of their authentic pies. Any time you’re craving classic Italian pies with a perfect balance of crust, cheese, sauce, and toppings and you’ve only got time to drop in for pickup because you’re probably on your way home from work or on some adventure, Milano’s is your place. There are several pies on the menu to choose from here and each has a unique experience awaiting you from the moment you perceive the aroma coming from the box until you take the last bite of the pie. Rest assured you’ll have some serious restraining to do from inside the restaurant at pickup until you finally settle down for the meal. Get yours now via Slice.

Best Pizza Near Collierville


The town of Rossville, east of Collierville, features the Wolf River that meanders through town creating various cool spots with sandbars that are frequently visited for relaxation and fresh air. Moreover, William B. Clark Conservation Area is another picturesque destination for folks that enjoy bird and wildlife watching as well as nature observation. The town, as a whole, is a paradise for nature buffs. If you’re a lover of pie, your go-to place here is Wolf River Café on Church Street.


The city of Germantown lies along the Chickasaw Trace, northwest of Collierville, and welcomed its first settlers around 1825. Before it was known as Germantown – a name that derived from the German families that settled the area and a popular surveyor – the area was known as Pea Ridge and Neshoba. Today, there are good indicators of the city’s history at the Germantown Train Museum, Fort Germantown, and The John Gray House. There’s good Italian food here, so don’t go around thinking you won’t find delicious pizza in the city. Simply visit Garibaldi's Pizza.


The beautiful city of Lakeland started out as an amusement park in the mid-1950’s around a man-made lake. Even though the park closed in 1976, you’ll still find remnants of it when you explore the city today. Besides, the lake – Garner Lake – remains a top attraction in the city to date and offers some of the best views in the region. During your visit, prepare for good outdoor recreation in the city and make sure you don’t miss out on the delish pizza that Three Guys Pizza Pies serves to all that love pizza in the city.

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