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Castello's Gourmet Kitchen

Castello's Gourmet Kitchen

4290 S Hwy 27 #101, Clermont, FL 34711

Order Ahead We open Tue at 3:00 PM

Full Hours
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    Brick Oven Gourmet Pizza

    100% real cheese

    Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.



    Specialty Bianche Pizza

    Bianche or “white” pizza begins simply with olive oil & grande mozzarella

    Quattro Formaggi Pizza

    Tomatoes, fontina, gorgonzola & parmesan


    Distincta Pizza

    Chicken, red onions, brie cheese, black olives & basil


    Arugula Pizza

    Tomatoes, Prosciutto & Arugula


    Margarita Pizza

    Tomatoes & Basil



    Specialty Pizza

    All pizzas begin with our gourmet tomato sauce & Grande 100% cheese

    Supreme Pizza

    Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers & black olives


    Barbeque Pizza

    Bbq sauce, chicken & red onions


    Pacifico Pizza

    Shrimp, red onions, pineapple, green peppers, garlic & black olives


    Vegeteriana Pizza

    Tomatoes, artichoke, mushrooms, red onions, black olives & feta cheese


    Napoletana Pizza

    Artichokes, sundried tomatoes, red onions, roasted red peppers & arugula


    Genovese Pizza

    Tomatoes, chicken, broccoli, green peppers & black olives


    Salsiccia Pizza

    Sausage & red onions


    Hawaiian Pizza

    Ham & pineapple


    Meat Lovers Pizza

    Pepperoni, bacon, sausage & ham


    Castello’s Special Pizza

    Chicken, red onions, roasted red peppers, jalapeños & cream cheese


    Siciliana Pizza

    Pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, jalapeños, garlic, & black olives


    Grande Pollo Pizza

    Chicken, roasted red peppers, black olives, feta cheese & arugula


    Pollo Pizza

    Chicken, garlic & mushrooms


    Pepperoni Special Pizza

    Double pepperoni




    Cheese Calzone

    Plain cheese


    Castello's Special Calzone

    Chicken, red onions, red peppers & jalapeños


    Meat Lovers Calzone

    Pepperoni, ham, sausage & bacon




    Comes with 2 garlic knots.

    Chicken Parmigiana


    Fettuccine Alfredo


    Eggplant Parmigiana


    ​Spaghetti Garlic Sauce


    Spaghetti Meatballs


    Spaghetti Marinara Sauce


    Stuffed Manicotti


    Castello’s Lasagna

    Homemade white sauce & tomato sauce, ground meat, ham & cheese topped with Mozzarella Comes with 2 garlic knots


    Spaghetti Meat Sauce




    Greek Salad

    Fresh romaine, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, green peppers, black olives & feta cheese


    Side Salad

    Tomatoes, cucumbers & red onions


    Caesar Salad

    Fresh romaine, croutons, shredded parmesan cheese




    Coconut Crusted Shrimp

    Served with marinara



    (8” dough) homemade bruschetta with mozzarella, & basil


    Alligator Tail

    Served with sweet & tangy sauce


    Garlic Bread

    (8” dough) Fresh garlic & mozzarella


    Fried Fresh Calamari

    Served with marinara


    Garlic Knots

    Served with marinara


    Chicken Tenders

    Served with honey mustard


    Bread Sticks

    Served with marinara


    French Fries


    Side Meatball

    2 meatballs & marinara sauce


    Mozzarella Sticks

    Served with marinara



    Hot Subs

    Philly Cheesesteak Sub

    Served with provolone, green pepper & onion


    Eggplant Parmigiana Sub

    Served with mozzarella cheese & marinara


    Meatball Parmigiana Sub

    Served with mozzarella cheese & marinara


    Chicken Parmigiana Sub

    Served with mozzarella cheese & marinara


    Chicken Philly Sub

    Served with provolone, green pepper & onion







    Gourmet Desserts







    Guava Pie

    8" dough with mozzarella, cream cheese & guava paste




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