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Ian & Kye's Pizza

Ian & Kye's Pizza

3310 NE Indian River Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Closed until 11:30 AM

Full Hours

    Opening at 11:30 AM

    Create Your Own Pizza
    With our fresh toppings.

    Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Gluten Free Pizza


    Windy City Thin Chicago Pizza

    Cheesy Cheese Pizza

    Stands alone with a tasty crust and sauce.


    Chi Town Sausage Pizza

    Loaded with cheese and sausage, chicago style. Very popular.


    Chi Town Sausage Pizza

    Pa Pa Pepperoni Pizza

    A pepperoni lovers dreams.


    Specialty Gourmet Pizzas
    Whole pizzas only - no substitutions.

    Mighty Veggie Pizza

    Right out of the garden - leaf spinach, mushrooms, peppers, sliced red tomatoes, chopped onion, and garlic.


    Kye Willy's Sauceless Spinach & Mushroom Pizza

    (no red sauce) this is our white pizza, a garlic cream base blended cheese, spinach, and sliced mushrooms. Very tasty with our chicago sausage topping! (extra).


    Hawaiian Pizza

    Lots of sliced ham with fresh pineapple.


    Big City Blaze Pizza

    If you love spicy, this one's for you. Meatball, then sliced roast beef, hot giardiniera, and a sport pepper garnish.


    Mega Meat Pizza

    A meat bonanza! Chicago sausage, pepperoni, meatball, and ham.


    Johnny Hancock 6 Pizza

    You read that right. 6 Whopping Toppings! Chicago sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, red and green peppers, and black olives.


    Johnny Hancock 6 Pizza

    Garlic Bites

    Fantastic crispy, buttery & made with "Chicago's bread" basket of 8.


    Garlic Bites with Cheese Basket


    Garlic Bites with Cheese Basket

    Battered Zucchini Sticks


    Brew City Beer Battered Onion Rings


    Golden Tasty Battered Mushrooms


    Mozzarella Sticks

    With marinara.


    2nd City Combo Basket

    Pick any 2 of the following: onion rings, mushrooms, zucchini sticks, 3 cheese sticks.


    Basket of French Fries

    Our delicious French fries are deep-fried 'till golden brown, with a crunchy exterior and a light fluffy interior. Seasoned to perfection!


    Choose from ranch, blue cheese, thousand islands or our very own Homemade Italian - (served on the side).

    Italian Salad

    Fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, cheese, pepperoncini, and pepperoni.


    House Salad

    Fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots.


    Side Orders

    Side of Meatballs with Sauce

    3 meatballs smothered in our homemade marinara sauce.


    Bottle of Hot Giardiniera


    Bottle of Mild Giardiniera



    Windy City Wings

    Marinated in Italian herbs and spices. Tossed in your choice of sauces.


    Hot Sandwiches

    Chi-Town World Famous Italian Beef Sandwich

    Wait till you try this one - hot roast beef sliced thin and served with Chicago french bread, soaked in our own homemade au jus.


    Chi Town Sausage Sandwich

    A windy city favorite with marinara on our tasty Chicago rolls.


    Wrigley Combo Sandwich

    This is definitely a home run. You get the best of both worlds. Our very own Chicago sausage with roast beef piled on top. Ge it wet or au jus on the side. This is the big boss of sandwiches.


    Mc Mahon Meatball Sandwich

    Three Meatballs made with our own secret recipe, then topped with marinara served with Chicago rolls




    Classic cheesecake with a rich, dense, smooth, and creamy consistency.



    Crispy on the outside, yet light and fluffy on the inside. These mini Italian donut holes will become your new fave.


    Soft Drinks







    San Pellegrino


    2 liter


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