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Amore Restaurant

Amore Restaurant

180 N Lime Ave, Sarasota, FL 34237

Closed until 5:00 PM

Full Hours

    Opening at 5:00 PM


    Margherita Pizza

    Extra thin crust. Tomato sauce, cheese, oregano.



    Fried Calamari

    Served with marinara sauce.


    Eggplant Parmesan

    Layers of seared eggplant with tomato and cheese.


    Bell Peppers with Burrata

    Roasted fresh red bell peppers with creamy fresh burrata cheese, finished with basil, garlic, balsamic, and EVOO.


    Salted Cod Fritters Bolinhos de Bacalhau

    .Salted cod fritters, blended with mashed potato, onion, parsley and garlic, served with garlic aioli.


    Farinheirs, Alheira & Chourico Croquettes

    Delicious combination of two of the most unique Portuguese sausages, Farinheira- pork & flavor, Alheira- bread & poultry meats garlicky sausage, served with Piri-Piri-Mustard-Honey sauce.


    Shrimp Gambas a Algarvia

    Large, pulled shrimp, sautéed in seafood broth, with garlic, light Piri-Piri, and red bell pepper pasta. Pimento.


    Alheira Sausage Trasmontana

    Alheira is a unique Portuguese delicacy, a garlicky and paprika, bread, and poultry meats sausage.


    Fireman Chourico

    Chourico a Bombeiro. Flame grilled chourico in Portuguese terra-cotta dish at your table.


    Beef Woodpecker

    Pica-Pau de Vaca. Cubed beef tenderloin, sauteed with demi glaze, creamy mustard sauce, topped pickled vegetables. Popular throughout Lisbon region.



    House Salad

    Spring mix, with tomato, roasted peppers, onion, cucumber, with vinaigrette house dressing.


    Caprese Salad

    Fresh mozzarella over tomato with fresh basil, balsamic glaze and EVOO.


    Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, with classic Caesar dressing.


    Chickpeas Salad

    Salada de grao de bico. Chickpeas, with chopped red bell peppers, chopped onions, capers, parsley, red wine vinegar and EVOO, served with spring mix.


    Pasta Dishes

    Pappardelle Bolognese

    Homemade bolognese sauce.


    Pappardelle  Bolognese

    Spaghetti with Meatballs

    4 beef and asiago cheese. Meatballs with marinara sauce.


    Linguine Pescatore

    Calamari, clams, mussels, shrimp, in a light tomato sauce.


    Penne alla Sorrentina

    Light marinara sauce, garlic, basil and fresh tomatoes topped with burrata.



    Salmon Piccata

    Sauteed with lemon, capers, and white wine butter sauce, served with vegetables.


    Grouper & Shrimp Oreganata

    Grilled grouper fillet, with 4 large shrimp in seafood sauce, all finish in the oven with oregano breadcrumbs, served with veggies and starch of day.


    Chicken Livornese

    Marinated and sautéed with cherry tomatoes and capers, olives, marinara, with veggies and starch of the day. Proudly serving perdue cage-free raised chicken.


    Veal Marsala

    Scaloppini sauteed with mushrooms and marsala wine reduction, with veggies, and starch of the day.


    Rack of Lamb la Ciociara

    14 oz. full rack of grass-fed New Zealand lamb, marinated with wine rosemary and garlic, served with veggies and starch of the day.


    Rack of Lamb la Ciociara

    Cataplana de Marisco

    Seafood, Lobster tail, shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, with bell peppers and sliced boiled potatoes in a delicious seafood broth.


    Cataplana Alantejana

    Marinated pork tenderloin with fresh clams with fried sliced potatoes, in w-wine clam broth, with onion and red bell peppers.


    Bacalhau Ribatejano

    Salted cod. Shredded cod sautéed with onion, garlic, red bel peppers and black olives, served with sliced boiled eggs and sliced potato fries.



    Salted cod. Loin fillet of cod with some bones. Baked in EVOO, with garlic, onions, roasted potatoes, served with green beans and asparagus, finish with garlic aioli.


    Polvo a Lagareiro

    Octopus. Baked in EVOO, with garlic, onions, roasted potatoes, served with green beans and asparagus, finish with garlic aioli.


    Sardinhas de Peniche

    Sardines. Grilled sardines served with roasted red bell peppers, and mix-greens house salad.


    Pork a Trasmontana

    Pork tenderloin tournedos, served with Alheira Trasmontana sauce and fig glaze, with veggies and starch of the day.





    Ice Tea


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