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Giovanni's Pizza

Giovanni's Pizza

7004 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60707

Order Ahead We open Wed at 3:30 PM

Full Hours
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    Deals and Coupons


    Two 18" Pizzas with 1 Topping & 2 Liter of RC



    Two 14" Pizzas with 1 Topping & 2 Liter of RC



    Thin Crust Pizza

    Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Veggie Pizza

    Mushrooms, green peppers, tomato, spinach & onions.


    1/2 Cheese 1/2 Ingredient Pizza


    Four Season Pizza

    Fresh tomato, mushrooms, black olives, ham.


    Thin Crust Pizza with One Topping

    With one topping.


    Hawaiian Pizza

    Pineapple, Canadian bacon.


    Giovanni's Special Pizza

    Sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.



    Pan Pizza

    Pan Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Pan Cheese Pizza

    Stuffed Pizza

    Stuffed Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.



    Football Pizza

    Football shaped pizza.

    Football Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Giovanni's Special Football Pizza

    Sausage, green pepper, mushroom, onion.



    Wednesday Special

    Only available Wednesday

    16" X-Large Pizza Wednesday Special



    Thursday Special

    Only available Thursday

    18" Family Size Cheese Pizza Thursday Special




    Dinner Salad


    Dinner Salad

    Side Orders

    Buffalo Wings

    Hot, BBQ or garlic cheese. Boneless.


    Buffalo Wings

    Onion Rings

    Crispy onion slices deep-fried until golden-brown.


    Jalapeno Poppers

    Cheddar or creamy.


    Cheesy Bread Sticks

    A cross between garlic bread and pizza, cheesy bread is a quick, easy, and delicious party snack.


    Mozzarella Stix

    Deep fried cheese sticks. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside. Served with a side of marinara sauce.


    Garlic Bread

    Bread, topped with garlic & olive oil or butter, herb seasoning, baked to perfection. Melts in your mouth and arouses the taste buds.


    Zucchini Stix

    Zucchini sticks dipped in an egg mixture with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, baking powder, & salt, fried until golden brown.


    Garlic Bread with Cheese

    With cheese.


    Breaded Mushrooms

    Fresh hand-breaded mushrooms, deep fried to a golden brown color.


    Pizza Bread

    This cheesy pizza bread won't last long on your table.


    Chicken Tenders

    Delicious chicken tenders.


    French Fries

    Crispy fries covered in salt, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme, and red pepper flakes.


    Fried Ravioli

    Ravioli filled with cheesy goodness, breaded and deep fried until the pasta shell becomes slightly crispy and golden brown.


    French Fries with Cheese

    With cheese



    Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken




    Deep fried or oven baked upon request.

    Cheese Panzerotti

    Italian beef served in hoagie rolls for the perfect sandwich.




    Italian Beef Sandwich

    Italian beef served in hoagie rolls for the perfect sandwich.


    Eggplant Sandwich

    Chicken topped with eggplant, prosciutto, & mozzarella cheese


    Italian Sausage Sandwich

    With italian sausage.


    Pepper & Egg Sandwich

    Pepper & egg.


    Meatballs Sandwich

    Meatballs, red sauce, mozzarella, and romano cheese


    Fry Chicken Filet Sandwich



    Pasta Dinners

    Include garlic bread & salad.

    Pasta with Meat Sauce

    Pasta tossed in our homemade meat sauce.


    Pasta with Garlic & Oil

    Delicious pasta covered in silky garlic oil


    Pasta with Marinara Sauce

    Pasta tossed in our homemade marinara sauce


    Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

    Pasta cooked al dente and tossed in our creamy homemade alfredo sauce



    Pasta Specialties

    Includes garlic bread & salad.

    Chicken Alfredo Pasta

    Grilled chicken over fettuccine noodle topped with Alfredo sauce.


    Cheese Ravioli

    Ravioli stuffed with classic cheese.


    Baked Mostaccioli

    Mostaccioli (similar to penne) baked in our oven.


    Meat Tortellini



    Lasagna topped with classic cheese, tomato sauce, and ground beef.


    Cheese Tortellini


    Meat Ravioli





    Flash fried squid, crunchy on the outside and simply perfect on the inside. Kick it up a notch with a squeeze of lemon.


    Shrimp in a Basket

    Deliciously battered and fried butterfly shrimp. With french fries.


    Jumbo Shrimp

    Breaded shrimp fried until golden and crunchy.




    Served with garlic bread & salad.

    Chicken Parmigiana with Mostaccioli


    Fried Chicken Dinner

    Fried chicken & golden-brown fries.


    Eggplant Parmigiana with Mostaccioli


    Combo Dinner

    1/2 slab ribs & 4 pieces fried chicken with BBQ sauce.


    BBQ Ribs

    These ribs are finger-licking good.


    Jumbo Shrimp Dinner

    Shrimp on the barbie is an excellent choice for any season.


    Buffalo Wings Dinner

    Hot or BBQ. Includes French fries and garlic bread.





    A delicious coffee-flavored Italian dessert. Ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar & Mascarpone cheese, flavored with cocoa.



    Classic cheesecake with a rich, dense, smooth, and creamy consistency.



    Delicious tube of fried dough, filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta filling.





    Nothing like a cold soda to go with your pizza.


    Iced Tea

    So refreshing.




    Half pan serves 5-10 people, full pan serves 15- 20 People.

    Homemade Lasagna Catering

    Stacked layers of pasta packed with meat and cheese, covered in red sauce. Pro tip: Go for the crispy edge pieces. Supersized for your party.


    Italian Sausage Catering

    Who says sides are limited to just veggies? Get more meat & order a side of sausage. Supersized for your party.


    Meat Ravioli Catering


    Homemade Meatballs Catering

    Ground meat prepared with bread crumbs, minced onion, and italian seasoning. Supersized for your party.


    Cheese Ravioli Catering

    Ravioli stuffed with classic cheese. Supersized for your party.


    Eggplant Parmigiana Catering

    Breaded eggplant topped with mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce.


    Baked Mostaccioli Catering

    Mostaccioli (similar to penne) baked in our oven. Supersized for your party.


    Fettuccini Alfredo Catering

    Fettuccine tossed in our creamy homemade alfredo sauce. Supersized for your party.


    Mostaccioli Catering


    Boneless Wings Catering


    Chicken Parmigiana Catering

    Breaded chicken covered with cheese. Supersized for your party.


    Buffalo Wings Catering

    Hot or BBQ.


    Deep Fry Chicken Catering


    Baby Back Ribs Catering

    BBQ sauce.


    Italian Beef Catering


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