Avola Kitchen & Bar

625 N Morehall Rd, Malvern, PA 19355

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  • White Pie $15.00
    Ricotta, Garlic, Arugula, Aged Balsamic.
  • Artisanal Pie $18.00
    Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Sausage, Fresh Mozzarella
  • Roast Pork Pie $18.00
    Broccoli Rabe, Aged Provolone, Hot Pepper Relish.
  • Hot Pepper Pie $16.00
    Pickled Peppers, Kalamata Olives, Garlic, Aged Provolone.
  • Margherita Pie $14.00
    Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Extra Virgin.
  • Truffled Egg Pie $16.00
    White Sauce, Shaved Squash, Pickled Red Onions, Basil.
  • House Made Bread & Olives $6.00
  • Pasta Bravas $8.00
    Manchego, Chili Aioli, Herbs.
  • Mezze Plate $13.00
    Pickled Garden Vegetables, Olives, Red Pepper Walnut Dip, Hummus, Eggplant Caponata, Pita.
  • Meat & Cheese $18.00
  • Crispy Moroccan Cauliflower $9.00
  • Charred Carrots $9.00
  • House Cured Salmon Bruschetta $13.00
    Labneh, Pickled Beet, Red Onion, Parsley, Dill Oil.
  • Burrata Crostone $11.00
    Sourdough, Seasonal Jam, Arugula Pesto, Prosciutto
  • Crispy Calamari $11.00
  • Mussels White $13.00
  • Roasted Beets $12.00
    Ricotta, Country Bread, Vincotto, Hazelnuts.
  • Grilled Broccoli Rabe $9.00
    Lemon, Caper, Parsley.
  • Sauteed Mushrooms $8.00
    Garlic, Thyme, Lemon.
  • Seared Brussel Sprouts $9.00
    Spicy Pepper Relish, Prosciutto, Lemon, Pecorino, Bread Crumbs.
  • Shrimp Saganaki $16.00
  • Charred Broccolini $9.00
  • Meatballs $11.00
    Cheese Stuffed with Italian Herbs and Spices, Parmesan, Diavolo Sauce, Sourdough.
  • Grilled Octopus $14.00
    Warm Fingerling Potatoes, Celery, Fennel, Orange, Kalamata Olive, Lemon.
  • Soup of the Day $9.00
  • Greek Salad $12.00
    Fennel, Kalamatas, Pepperoncinis, Apples, Pickled Onions, Feta, Farro, Sherry Vinaigrette.
  • Kale Salad $12.00
    Warm Sweet Potatoes, Zhoug, Walnuts, Tahini Vinaigrette.
  • Caesar Salad $10.00
    Little Gem Lettuce, White Anchovy, Black Garlic, Parmesan.
  • Gnocchetti Sardi $19.00
    Red Wine, Braised Lamb, Olive, Caper, Mint.
  • Tortellini Brodo $16.00
  • Spaghetti Pomodoro $14.00
    Red Sauce, Burrata, Basil, Parmesan, Breadcrumbs.
  • Truffle Risotto $17.00
    Parmesan Brodo, Mushrooms.
  • Mushroom Rigatoni $18.00
    Venison Bolognese, Parmesan.
  • Gemelli $17.00
    Broccoli Rabe & Walnut Pesto, Housemade Italian Sausage, Fresh Ricotta.
  • Braised Short Rib $27.00
    Sweet Potatoes, Celery Root, Olive Tapenade.
  • Dry Aged NY Strip $29.00
    Onion Rings, Mushrooms, Bleu Cheese Butter.
  • Free Range Chicken $25.00
    Sauteed Greens, Tuscan Potatoes, Salsa Verde.
  • Crispy Skinned Duck Breast $28.00
    Blue Corn Polenta, Carrot Ribbon Salad, Mustard Seed Vinaigrette.
  • Salmon a la Plancha $25.00
    Quinoa Pilaf, Romanesco, Roasted Squash, Harissa Vinaigrette.
  • Seared Bronzino $26.00
    Cauliflower, Sauteed Greens, Lemon-Caper Beurre Blanc.
  • Lamb Gyro Lunch $13.00
    Tzatziki, heirloom tomato relish, red onion.
  • Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Lunch $12.00
    Sweet Potato Roll, Artichoke Aioli, Basil, Arugula, Balsamic Glaze.
  • Classic Burger Lunch $13.00
  • Chicken Albondigas Lunch $12.00
    Pickled Vegetables, Queso Fresco, Smoked Paprika.

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Avola Kitchen & Bar is located at 625 N Morehall Rd, Malvern, PA 19355.
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