Desserts Near You

No matter what’s for lunch or dinner, there is always room for dessert, right? The sweet and flavorful dish that comes in many shapes, textures, and variations is the perfect end of the meal. Get creamy, rich, and scrumptious desserts near you with Slice.

What does Dessert really mean?

The name dessert comes from the French desservir meaning “to remove what has been served”, or “to clear the table”. It was first used in the 17th century to describe the act of serving the sweet course after the table was cleaned from the previous courses.

Today, we use the word to describe a wide range of sweet products including cakes, cookies, pastries, ice creams, pies, puddings, and more.

The Sweetest of Them All

It is impossible to say what is the number one dessert in the world. However, ice cream, brownies, and tiramisu are often included on many “best desserts in the world” lists. Even though many of the desserts have similar ingredients such as sugar, eggs, flours, oil, and milk, the final results can be so different regarding different recipes, traditions, and cultures. That is why you can’t say which country has the best desserts, although countries like Italy, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, and the USA are worldwide famous for their sweet foods.

What is the Most Loved Dessert in America?

In the US we take our desserts very seriously. Cookies are one of the most popular treats, and each US state has a local favorite. For example, Kentucky has its signature bourbon spice cookies, Washington is proud of the apple cinnamon cookies, and the chocolate chip cookies are popular in many states including New York, Illinois, and Utah. Other than chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, ice cream, brownies, cupcakes, carrot cake, and fudge are some of the most loved desserts in America.

Moreover, some restaurants take this gastronomic indulgence to another level. Edible gold, a blend of the most expensive cocoa, golden spoons, and diamonds can cost up to $4 million or more for a single portion.

However, the most expensive dessert in the world (so far) is the $75-million cake made for a birthday and engagement party in the United Arab Emirates. The creator of the cake Debbie Wingham included 4.000 diamonds on a six-foot-long cake resembling a catwalk.

Dessert Restaurants Near You

But you can find amazing dessert places near you that serve fresh, sweet, and flavorsome sweets at affordable prices. Slice is here to help you. Looking for dairy-free vegan desserts near you? Up for some gluten-free desserts near you? Or want to cut curbs with some delicious keto desserts near you? We got you covered. Find the best dessert restaurants within the Slice app. Order desserts with delivery near you and finish your meal with a treat.

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