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Cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts in the world for a good reason. It is sweet, creamy and so satisfying, and has plenty of varieties for everyone’s taste.

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The Cheesecake

While many argue if it is really a cake or not, that doesn’t affect cheesecake’s popularity at all. Every country has a way of preparing this delicious dessert, using different types of cheese and techniques.

What’ in common is the combination of crust (baked or not), and one or more layers. The main layer typically consists of soft and creamy cheese, eggs, and sugar with some additional flavors. Because of the arrangement (crust and a filling), it is not considered a cake, but a custard pie, flan, or even a tart.


But who invented the cheesecake?

It originated in Ancient Greece and was made for religious uses and wedding ceremonies,and as a source of energy for the first Olympic athletes. The cake consisted of wheat flour, cheese, and honey.

When Romans conquered Greece, they got familiar with the recipe for this dessert. They started crumbling the cheese into small pieces and included eggs in the recipe. Their version was also served for special occasions. Moreover, as the Romans expanded their empire, so did the recipe for the cake. It was recreated in almost every European country and enriched with additional, local ingredients.

In the 18th century, the cake started looking more modern. At that time yeast was removed from the recipe and beaten eggs were added as a leavening agent.

Furthermore, as the Europeans immigrated to the US, some of them brought their cake recipes with them.

And if not the cake itself, the cream cheese originated in the US. While trying to recreate a version of the French cheese Neufchâtel, the dairyman William Lawrence from Chester, New York invented the cream cheese. Thus, soon it became one of the key ingredients for the cake.

In the US there are many varieties for this dessert, with NY-style being the most popular one. The American restaurateur Arnold Reuben is credited for inventing the New York cheesecake in the 1920s.

New York-style of the cake is made with additional yolks for extra creaminess, but is served with no toppings. Some chefs bake the pie at low temperatures in a water bath, to avoid the risk of overbaking. Moreover, this way no cracks will appear on the cake’s surface.

In Chicago, they use sour cream alongside the cream cheese, and in Philadelphia, the cake is lighter and creamier and can be served with fruit or chocolate toppings. St. Louis variety has a buttery taste with one more layer over the main filling.

Craving a creamy piece right now?

Hilltop Pizza & Subs serves classic, but strawberry, cherry, and baklava cheesecake, too. Or enjoy a classic one from Brooklyn’s pizzeria Pino’s La Forchetta. Both available for pickup and delivery with the Slice app.


The cake can be baked or no-bake, and usually consists of crust and filling. The crust can be made from dough or sponge cake, but most often is made with crushed graham crackers, mixed with butter, tightly pressed in a round pan. The filling is made with:

  • Cheese – in the US, cream cheese is the most typical choice for the cake. Other countries use ricotta, cottage cheese or Neufchâtel cheese.
  • Eggs – both whole eggs and egg yolks are mixed, so the texture of the cake gets creamier and denser.
  • Powdered sugar – in contrast to the cheese, to create a perfectly sweet, yet cheesy, and a bit tangy combination.
  • Sour cream – many US states include sour cream (or heavy cream) to the original recipe for an even softer texture.
  • Flour or cornstarch – used for the baked variety of the cake. They prevent the cracking of the pie, and ensure easier cutting.
  • Lemon zest – for adding citrusy freshness and flavor.
  • Additional icings and toppings – melted chocolate, fresh fruit or fruit sauce, caramel, whipping cream, and more toppings can be added to the original recipe.


There are many variations to this delicious dessert. However, a few of the most popular varieties are:

  • New York-style – The twice-baked pie is characterized by a rich, dense but creamy, and smooth consistency. Furthermore, it is served with no fruit, caramel, or chocolate on top or on the side. Strawberry cheesecake – The traditional recipe for the pie, plus some delicious strawberries on top, and some strawberry sauce. A perfect cheesy and fruity combination.
  • Oreo cheesecake – For this variety Oreo crumbs are added in the crust and in the filling. Usually, the cake gets decorated with more cookies on top.
  • Keto cheesecake – The crust for this low carb variety is made with almond or coconut flour and a sweetener instead of sugar. This is usually a gluten-free alternative, too.
  • Raw (vegan) cake – For the dairy-free alternative, soaked and blended cashews are used instead of the cream cheese. The crust is made with nuts, (gluten-free) oats, and dates.

Nutrition Value

There are around 350 calories in a piece. From them, around 55% come from fat, 40% from carbohydrates, and 5% from protein.

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