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The best pizza in Dunwoody: a local guide

Located near Atlanta, this little town offers 1800s charm and a lot of picturesque things to see. While not one of the older towns in this state, it has lots of rustic buildings and well-preserved original buildings that make it feel like a sleepy southern hamlet even today. This is a quiet town that offers some fun tourist trap attractions, like their model of Colonial Williamsburg that is its own district in town.

This town has a lot of character but it also offers a lot of great eating opportunities. As with any location that draws in families and offers some fun tourist things to do, you can get a lot of different foods when you visit, all of them good and many of them quite unique. This is a place that offers deep dish pizza alongside thin crust pizza and BBQ pizza all on the same menu. You will never get bored eating here and the delightful nature of the town itself will put a smile on your face every time you visit.

Dunwoody is Known for Stuffed Crust Pizza

Dunwoody is a great place to get a stuffed crust pizza and there are even locations that offer stuffed crust and deep-dish combinations for your eating pleasure! This is a lot of filling and hearty pizza in one location and you will love that you can get this much pizza for a great price in the area. Many of the pizza places that offer these amazingly filling pies will also make a delicate and ultra-thin crust as well. So you can enjoy each style of pizza in the same order if you want!

Getting quality ingredients and creative toppings is easy in this area and you will love all the great sides and salads and other offerings that are on the menus in town. This is a versatile eating location that will offer you access to authentic pizza styles as well as a classic and satisfying thin crust pizza experience.

Best Delivery Pizza in Dunwoody

Nancy’s Pizzeria is a great place to order a delivery pizza and you can choose from ultra-thin crust pizza here as well as really delicious deep-dish pies and even deep-dish, stuffed pizzas! They make pan-size personal pizzas as well as pies big enough to feed everyone in your family with ease. They also have gluten-free pizza and a menu of “lighter” pizza options that are like a stuffed crust but with less cheese and other fillings inside the pie.

This is a really great place for a delicious deep-dish pizza as well as a thin-crust pizza. You can even feed people with an allergy here with ease, which can be rare when there is so much classic pizza on a restaurant menu. This is one of the best pizza places anywhere around and you will be so glad that you ordered from here.

Best Takeout Pizza in Dunwoody

Milano Pizza & Subs is a great place to get a takeout pizza and they make their ordering process simple. You can get a build-your-own pie here with ease and you can pair it with some sides like their salads, chicken fingers, or jalapeno poppers. This is a great place for an authentic sub sandwich as well, making it a good choice to take out if you have a group who is not 100% into pizza for their meal. The ordering process for pizza might be really simple here and there might not be a lot of specialty pizza on the menu, but you can build your own pizza with ease when you order from here.

Being able to get just what you want can sometimes be the icing on the cake and you will love that you do not have to pick from lots of complex options if you are trying to feed a large group. Being able to just grab a classic pie and head back home can be a big benefit to ordering from this pizza place.

Best Pizza Near Dunwoody

Doraville, GA

Mi Pizza in nearby Doraville is a great place to go to get a Chicken Bacon or Chicken BBQ pizza, or you can build-your-own pie with ease here as well. They also offer White Pizza and Margherita Pizza and you can add a calzone, wings, and side sauces to your order. This is a great place for a hearty and well-rounded menu that will make everyone who is with you happy. You can try everything from a classic pie to a really unique fusion pizza here.

Sandy Springs, GA

Napoli New York Pizza Italian Kitchen & Catering makes a great gluten-free pizza as well as some good BBQ offerings if you prefer this kind of topping for your pie. Their Italian Special is always the best pizza on the menu and you can enjoy picking from a large list of unique and fun flavor combinations that you will not get at other pizza places in the area. This location also offers pizza by the slice which can be great if you are just wanting a quick bite and don’t need a whole pizza.

Chamblee, GA

Galla’s Pizza makes everything from a three-cheese and steak pizza to a keto pizza bowl. They also offer an extensive list of gluten-free pizzas which is really nice if you have an allergy and are used to getting the short end of the ordering process. Save some room for their garlic rolls or try any of their other yummy sides and salads when you visit. This is a really delicious place to stop in for anything from a filling pizza to a really yummy keto bowl.


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