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The best pizza in Sheboygan: a local guide

The pizzerias of Sheboygan may have been opening for business when New York-style pizza was all the rage, but that's not the pie the restaurant owners chose to bake nor is it the pizza this Wisconsin city is known for. Many of the Italian migrants that relocated to Sheboygan were natives or descendants of people from the Rome region of Italy. Around Rome, one of the standard styles of baking pizza was and still is with a thin crust and so Sheboygan is known for thin crust pizza. As well as baking regular thin crust, the Sheboygan pizzerias have kept up with the times by also offering their clients New York-style, but it is mostly secondary to their authentic Italian pie. While the thickness of the base might be similar, there's a big difference in texture between the two. Thin crust is crusty and crispy whereas New York-style is soft and pliable. Which is best? It all boils down to personal taste.

Best delivery pizza in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Baking the best delivery pizza in Sheboygan and keeping the pies constantly to the same high quality can be a struggle for some pizzerias, but not for Geno Nottolini's Pizza on Indiana Avenue. Their delivery pizzas are consistently better than good so you'll never have to doubt getting a premium pizza when you order from here. Geno Nottolini's Pizza has a premises in a semi-residential area of Sheboygan so their local clientele don't have far to go to get a great pie. It's a pizza joint with a homely atmosphere where delivery orders get treated with the same importance as their eat-in customers. The best pizzas for delivery from Geno's are the Nottolini's Ultimate or the Henry Hog. You won't have any complaints if you order either of those.

Best takeout pizza in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

If you've been out scuba diving on the Sheboygan reef or have spent the afternoon lazing on North Side Municipal Beach and want a take-out pizza for dinner, you're in luck. After you've stashed your scuba gear and brushed the sand from between your toes, head over to Calumet Drive where you'll find Nicky's Pizza where they bake the best take-out pizza in Sheboygan. Nicky's Pizza is a family-owned and run Sheboygan pizzeria housed in a clapboard bungalow which is decorated internally in a comfortable farmhouse style. Nicky's house specialty is baking 5lb pies which are ginormous pizzas that you need to be extremely hungry to tackle. Don't worry, they bake normal-sized pizzas too so you won't get arm strain carrying yours home.

Best pizza near Sheboygan, Wisconsin


When you're tired of staring at the views of Lake Michigan you see all the time in Sheboygan, get in your car and make a trip twenty-five miles inland to Beechwood. Don't stop in Beechwood, but keep going until you reach the Kettle Moraine State Forest. In the forest, you can hike the Ice Age Trail through landscapes formed by glacial action, go mountain biking, swim at one of the three beaches on Mauthe or Long Lake, and go kayaking, or if you don't have the energy for any of those, stay in your car and make the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive. Make a short detour on your way home to pick up a pizza from the Twisted Pair Restaurant on County Road A.

Sheboygan Falls

Is it worth making the seven-mile drive west from Sheboygan to Sheboygan Falls? The answer to that is a definite yes. On the way, stop off to visit the Kohler Design Center and take a tour through the history of bathrooms. It's more interesting than you might think. You'll find the waterfall in the Sheboygan Falls View Park not quite so awe-inspiring but still quite pretty. Spend a couple of hours in the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin and you'll be more than ready for home after picking up a pizza from Falls Firehouse Pizza on Maple Street.


Manitowoc is thirty miles north of Sheboygan and another city right on the shore of Lake Michigan. Manitowoc has a long affiliation with the lake and boats which you can learn all about at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and the USS Cobia. You can view a great art collection at the Rahr West Art Museum and marvel at the Gothic Victorian architecture of the mansion it's housed in. Kids and animal lovers will enjoy a visit to the Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoo and getting a breath of fresh air by strolling along the North Breakwater before a pie in the Pizza Garden on North 8th Street.

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