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Gigi's Pizza

Gigi's Pizza

16006 Crenshaw Blvd, Gardena, CA 90249

Order Ahead We open at 10:00 AM

Full Hours
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    Whole Pizzas

    Cheese Pizza


    Margherita Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves.


    Pepperoni Pizza


    Five Cheese Pizza

    Asiago, fontina, gorgonzola, mozzarella, and shredded pecorino Romano.


    The Special Pizza

    Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and olives.


    The Jalapestroni Pizza

    Basil pesto base, pepperoni, fresh jalapeno peppers, pecorino Romano.


    Hawaiian Paradise

    Ham & pineapple.


    Vegetarian Delite Pizza

    Mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions, olives, eggplant, Roma tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and garlic salt.


    Meat Lover's Pizza

    Pepperoni, sausage, meatball, and bacon.


    Flamin' Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Frank's buffalo sauce base with chicken bathed in buffalo sauce, topped with mozzarella and swirls of cool ranch dressing.


    BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce base, chicken, red onions, fresh cilantro.


    Sicilian Style Pizza

    Traditional thick crust rectangular pizza. (Large only).




    Chicken Wings

    Served with ranch or bleu cheese dressing.


    Cheese Garlic Bread

    Our own bread baked fresh throughout the day with melted mozzarella cheese and our house garlic butter.




    Side Salad

    Romaine lettuce, French cut carrots, topped with shredded mozzarella (tomato wedges upon request) and our house Italian dressing on the side.


    Antipasto Salad

    Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, romaine lettuce, pepperoncini, French cut carrots, tomato wedges, topped with shredded mozzarella and our own house Italian dressing on the side.


    House Salad

    Romaine lettuce, french cut carrots, pepperoncinis, tomato wedges, topped with shredded mozzarella and our own house italian dressing on the side.



    Side Orders

    Meatball Sliders

    Our own meatballs toasted on Hawaiian rolls with pizza sauce & melted mozzarella.


    Marinara Sauce


    Ranch Dressing


    Pizza Sauce


    Bleu Cheese Dressing


    Frank's Buffalo Sauce


    House Italian Dressing


    BBQ Sauce




    Grated Pecorino Romano






    Served on toasted italian roll with melted mozzarella cheese & garlic butter, with romaine lettuce, roma tomato, bell pepper, red onion & a splash of our house italian dressing.

    Italian Hero

    Capicola, pepperoni, salami.


    Ham Torpedo


    Gabbagool Torpedo

    Capocollo, prosciutto.


    Caprese Torpedo

    Fresh mozzarella cheese, Roma tomato, fresh basil & balsamic vinaigrette.


    Turkey Torpedo


    Meatball Torpedo

    Chopped meatball with marinara and melted cheese.


    Cheesesteak Torpedo


    Classic Toasted Torpedo

    Ham and Canadian bacon, toasted on our homemade rolls with melted mozzarella, mayonnaise, pepperoncini, tomato, romaine lettuce, and our own Italian dressing.


    Italian Cheesesteak Torpedo



    Italian Dishes

    Served with a half order of our cheese garlic bread.



    Spaghetti with Sausage


    Spaghetti with Meatball


    Spaghetti with Eggplant


    Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


    Eggplant Dish




    Gigante Chocolate Chip Cookie




    Soft Soda


    Orange Pomegranate San Pellegrino






    Classic Cane Sugar Soda


    Strawberry Lemonade


    Orange San Pellegrino


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