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8 Fifty Wood Fired Pizza

8 Fifty Wood Fired Pizza

489 Middlebury Rd, Middlebury, CT 06762

Closed until Sun at 4:00 PM

Full Hours

    Opens Sun at 4:00 PM


    Build Your Own Pizza


    Wood-Fired White Pizzas
    Prepared with olive oil, freshly-grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, fresh garlic & sea salt.

    Britt Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions and arugula.


    Carter Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, sopressata salami, slivered red onion and house-made hot pepper caponata.


    Carter II Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, soppressata salami, pickled long-hot peppers, hot honey, white onion.


    Harley Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, wood-roasted eggplant, red peppers, mushrooms and caramelized onion.


    Piggy Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, bacon, hot Italian fennel sausage, slivered red onion and fresh grape tomatoes.


    Popeye Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, crushed red pepper, sliced grape tomatoes, topped with wilted baby spinach.


    Stella Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, hot Italian fennel sausage and freshly sautéed broccoli rabe.


    Smashed Potato Pizza

    Roasted and smashed potato, bacon, mozzarella, our 8fifty blue cheese, scallions.


    Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Wood oven roasted chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, our own sweat heat buffalo sauce.


    Wood-Fired Red Pizzas
    Prepared with house-made tomato sauce, freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, olive oil & sea salt.

    Cheese Pizza

    Sauce, shredded mozzarella.


    Marinara Pizza

    Marinara, olive oil, basil, sea salt.


    Margherita Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella and fresh basil.


    Grandma Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, chunky tomato, fresh basil.


    Crosby Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, spicy pepperoni, slivered red onion and house-made hot pepper caponata.


    Jagger Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and house-made vodka sauce.


    Maggie Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, wood oven roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions.


    Muffy Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella and sliced house-made meatballs.


    Spencer Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, hot Italian fennel sausage and wood-roasted red peppers.


    Sunday Muffy Pizza

    Seasonal. Fresh mozzarella, Sunday sauce, sliced meatballs, yellow onion, cut long hot peppers.


    Starters & Small Plates

    Stuffed Italian Long Hot Peppers

    Our signature appetizer. Two stuffed Italian long hot peppers with hot Longhini sausage, beef topped melted melted fresh mozzarella onion sugo.


    “Sweet Heat” Buffalo Wings

    Wood-fired chicken wings tossed in a sweet & spicy house-made sauce. Other house-made flavors: chilly glaze -BBQ.


    House Made Meatballs

    Served with our marinara sauce.


    Garlic Bites

    Garlic oil, parmesan cheese, marinara.


    Garlic Bread

    Our own wood oven baked bread, creamy cheddar and parmesan garlic sauce.


    Meatball Sandwich

    Homemade meatballs, fresh wood oven baked bread, melted mozzarella, marinara, parmesan, served with crispy potatoes.


    Sriracha Potatoes



    Pasta Fagioli Soup

    Our time-tested recipe of the classic Italian white bean soup.


    Tomato Florentine Soup

    Creamy tomato and roasted garlic broth, orzo, topped with wilted spinach.



    House Salad

    Mixed baby lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumber, chick peas, shivered red onion, dressed with Italian vinaigrette.


    8 Fifty Salad

    Baby spinach, fresh strawberries and goat cheese, dressed with a sweet red wine vinegar and poppy seed vinaigrette.


    Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, croutons, shaved parmesan, Caesar dressing.


    Festive Salad

    Romaine lettuce, Granny Smith apples, bosc pears, balsamic-glazed walnuts, dressed with a poppy seed vinaigrette.



    Pepperoni Stromboli

    Pepperoni, hot pepper caponata, mozzarella.


    Sausage Stromboli

    Sausage & mozzarella.


    Veggie Stromboli

    Eggplant, mushroom, roasted red peppers, mozzarella.



    Mini Chocolate Chip Cannoli


    Oven Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

    With vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup.


    Nutella Pizza


    Coffee & Tea


    Regular or decaf.





    Regular or decaf.




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