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Paradiso Roma Ristorante

Paradiso Roma Ristorante

35 Camden Cswy, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Order Ahead We open Tue at 12:00 PM

Full Hours
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The Creative Pizza

Homemade Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.



Eat Pizza

"Queen of Hearts" Pizza

House red, mozzarella fresh basil, fresh tomato, basil oil & ricotta cheese.


The Unicorn Pizza

House garlic and wine sauce, mozzarella, arugula, red onions, prosciutto, balsamic


"The Gryohon" Revised Pizza

House garlic and wine, mozzarella, flash-fried collards, fried chicken, siracha honey & goat cheese.


"The White Queen" Pizza

Alfredo, chicken, broccoli & bacon.


The Red King" Meat Lover Pizza

Meat lovers, house red, mozzarella, smoked applewood bacon, meaballs, pepperoni.





Roasted mushrooms, stuffed with ricotta cheese mix, cherry tomatoes, basil, parmesan, balsamic glaze.



Fried mozzarella, marinara.


"Pig & Pepper"

Twisted willow meatballs. Ricotta cheese mix, alfredo or marinara. Baked to order (15 to 20 minute wait).



Fried ravioli, ricotta cheese mix, marinara or alfredo sauce.


"The Looking Glass"

Calamari. Flash fried collards, lemon chips & marinara sauce.



Eat Vegetables

" Be as You Seem" Caesar Salad

Caesar salad, house caesar, pecorino, romano cheese.


" Be as You Seem" Caesar Salad

"Wonderland" Seasonal Salad

Seasonal, hydrogreens, diced apples, apple vinaigrette, goat cheese, candied walnuts.


"The Garden" House Salad

Garden salad, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, pickled carrots.



Eat Our Inventions

"Crimson with Fury"

Lane angus beef burger, homemade yeast roll, apple butter, twisted willow bacon, cheddar cheese, homemade sweet potato fries with side of apple butter.


"Not Just Any Shrimp"

Blackened shrimp, homemade linguine, lemon-cream sauce, fried lemons, blistered tomatoes.


"Even Curioser"

Potato gnocchi stuffed with asiago cheese tossed with creamy alfredo, sauteed arugula, grilled andouille parmesan.


We're All Made Here"

12 oz. Ribeye, rubbed in coffee, house mashed potatoes, cron on the cob, coffee steak sauce.


"No Wise Fish"

Blackened grouper topped with greole sauce over cheese grits, fried collards, blistered tomatoes and fried lemons.



Create Your Own Pasta

Homemade Pasta

Fettuccine, linguine, ravioli, tomato-infused.


Homemade Pasta

Eat The Expected

(our take on the classics).

Chicken Parmigiana

Mozzarella, pasta marinara.


Skillet Lasagna

Bolognese, ricotta cheese mix, house red, mozzarella.


Chicken Marsala

Pasta alfredo, mushrooms, red onions.


Shrimp Scampi

Homemade linguine, shrimp, garlic, wine lemon basil, oil, roasted garlic, red onions, capers.


Eggplant Parmigiana

Mozzarella, pasta marinara.



Eat Desserts

Desserts scratch-made daily by Pastry Chef R. Morris

Scratch Cannoli

Apple, chocolate chip, pistachio.


Scratch Cannoli

Scratch Zeppoli

Fried sweet dough, powdered, sugar, creamy chocolate.


Scratch Tiramisu

Espresso, mascarpone, lady fingers, amaretto, cocoa powder.


Scratch Tiramisu

Skillet Cookie

homemade cookie dough infused with muddy waters coffee, chocolate chips, and vanilla gelato.



Waynesville Soda



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