Chow Pizza Bar

8311 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Chow Pizza Bar a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Chow Down Pizza $13.00 +
    Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella.
  • House Made Sausage Pizza $11.00 +
    Banana peppers, shaved red onion, oregano.
  • Spicy Hawaiian Pizza $10.00 +
    Pineapple, ham, jalapeños, mozzarella.
  • Pulled BBQ Pig Pizza $10.75 +
    Pulled pork bbq, crispy fried onions, mozzarella cheese, slaw, house-made hot sauce.
  • Cheeseburger Pizza $11.00 +
    Ground beef, cheddar, pickles, onion, special sauce.
  • Margherita Pizza $10.00 +
    Roasted tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella.
  • Chicken & Pesto Pizza $11.00 +
    Bacon, spinach, caramelized onions, feta.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza $10.00 +
    Caramelized onion, BBQ sauce, bacon.
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza $12.00 +
    Grilled chicken, red onion, blue cheese, buffalo sauce.
  • Veg Head Pizza $10.00 +
    Mozzarella, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, spinach, peppers, black olives, tomatoes, ricotta cheese.
  • Carnivore Pizza $13.00 +
    Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, ground beef.
  • Your Way Pizza $8.00 +
    Tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, garlic, roasted garlic, jalapeños, caramelized onions, red onions, roasted red peppers, green peppers, banana peppers, spinach, pineapple, broccoli, anchovies, pepperoni, bacon, ham, house sausage, chicken, ground beef, pulled pork.
  • Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad $11.00
    Blackened chicken, romaine, shaved parmesan, croutons.
  • Crispy Chicken Salad $13.00
    Romaine, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cheddar, ranch.
  • Thai Salad $13.00
    Grilled shrimp, Asian slaw, cucumber, spicy peanuts, edamame, crispy chow mein noodles, Thai peanut dressing.
  • Chow Salad $8.50
    Blue cheese crumbles, red onion, candied almonds, dried apricots, lemon vinaigrette.
  • Cobb Salad $8.50
    Tomato, avocado, bacon, egg, blue cheese, green onions, red wine vinaigrette.
  • Wedge Salad $6.50
    Iceberg, blue cheese crumbles, bacon, fried onions, tomato, buttermilk-blue cheese dressing.
  • Simple Salad $5.50
    Tomato, cucumbers, romaine, red onion, lemon parmesan vinaigrette.
  • Jerk Chicken Sandwich $10.00
    Roasted pineapple, lettuce, tomato, applewood smoked bacon, provolone cheese, bbq sauce, roasted garlic mayo, grilled ciabatta bread.
  • Cuban Sandwich $9.00
    Smoked pork, ham, swiss, mustard, pickles.
  • Steak & Cheese Sandwich $10.25
    Roasted peppers, onions, queso.
  • Reuben Sandwich $10.50
    Corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut, 1000 island.
  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $9.50
    Blue cheese dressing, pickles, romaine.
  • Grilled Portobello Sandwich $9.75
    Chimichurri marinated portobello, lettuce, tomato, red onion, roasted garlic aioli, ciabatta roll.
  • Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich $10.00
    Slaw, sauce.
  • Smoked Brisket Sandwich $12.00
    Coffee rubbed smoked brisket, bbq sauce, hot beer mustard, sweet & spicy house pickles, crispy onions, provolone, texas toast.
  • Classic Burger $9.85
  • Durango Burger $11.85
    Pico di Gallo, jalapeño, pepper jack.
  • Piedmont Burger $11.35
    Fried green tomato, pimento cheese, BBQ sauce.
  • Black & Blue Burger $10.85
    Blackening spice, blue cheese.
  • Flatline Burger $11.85
    Fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, duke’s mayo.
  • BBQ Burger $11.85
    Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, bbq sauce.
  • Turkey Burger $9.50
    Swiss cheese, chipotle aioli.
  • Black Bean Burger $9.50
    Vegetarian. Caramelized onions, avocado salsa.
  • Parmesan Twists $4.50
    Pizza dough, garlic butter, parmesan, marinara.
  • Roasted Jalapeño & Avocado Hummus $7.00
    Pico, served with grilled pita points & sliced cucumber.
  • Fried Brussels Sprouts $7.00
    Sesame, ginger soy glaze.
  • White Chicken Chili $4.00 +
    chicken, white beans, sour cream, scallions, tortilla strips.
  • Pickle Chips $5.00
  • Portobello Fries $6.00
    Whole grain mustard aioli.
  • Onion Rings $7.00
    Hand breaded.
  • Pepperoni Roll $7.50
    Fresh tomato sauce.
  • Tortilla Chips & Dips $7.00
    Pico, queso.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip $7.00
    House ranch chips.
  • Chow Nachos $9.50
    Queso, tomato, jalapeño, scallions, sour cream.
  • Taco $9.75
    Shredded cabbage, pico, cotija cheese, chipotle aioli.
  • Quesadilla $8.00
    Black bean & corn salsa, smokey jalapeño, grilled onions & peppers, American & cheddar cheeses.
  • Totchos $7.50
    Pulled pork bbq | queso, house-made hot sauce, green onion.
  • Jumbo Smoked & Grilled Wings $7.50 +
Children 10 and younger, please. All items come with a fountain drink, side of fruit and ice cream!
  • Kid's Cheese Pizza $6.00
  • Kid's Pepperoni Pizza $6.00
  • Kid's Cavatappi with Tomato Sauce $6.00
  • Kid's Mac & Cheese $6.00
  • Kid's Chicken Tacos $6.00
    Tortilla chips.
  • Kid's Grilled Cheese $6.00
    Choice of sweet potato fries, applesauce or carrot sticks with ranch.
  • Kid's Hamburger $6.00
    Choice of sweet potato fries, applesauce or carrot sticks with ranch.
  • Kid's Cheeseburger $6.00
    Choice of sweet potato fries, applesauce or carrot sticks with ranch.
  • Kid's BBQ Wings $6.00
    Choice of sweet potato fries, applesauce or carrot sticks with ranch. 4 Pieces.
  • Kid's Chicken Strips $6.00
    Grilled or fried | choice of sweet potato fries, applesauce or carrot sticks with ranch.
  • Kid's Cheese Quesadilla $6.00
    Choice of sweet potato fries, applesauce or carrot sticks with ranch.


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