Zio Toto

8407 3Rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Zio Toto a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Margherita Classica Pizza$12.00
Topped with tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil.
Quattro Stagoni Pizza$15.00
Margherita pie topped with baby artichoke, mushrooms, Italian ham and olives.
Pizza Rustica$13.00
Margherita pie topped with eggplant, Italian ham & artichoke.
Pizza All' Arrabiata$12.00
Margherita pie topped with spicy Italian salami.
Pizza Zio Toto$15.00
Margherita pie topped with shrimp, capers & scallions.
Pizza Prosciutto E Arugula$15.00
Margherita pie topped with prosciutto di Parma, baby arugula & shaved parmigiana cheese.
Pizza Angela$15.00
Margherita pie topped with spicy salami, sweet Italian sausage & prosciutto di parma.
Pizza Annarella$14.00
Margherita pie topped with eggplant, zucchini, broccoli rabe, & sun dried tomatoes.
Pizza Del Oste$15.00
Margherita pie topped with sweet Italian sausage & mushrooms.
Pizza Sciliana$13.00
Topped with anchovies, onion, eggplant, capers, olives, oregano & cherry tomatoes.
Pizza Italia$14.00
Topped with artichokes, pesto, cherry tomatoes, spinach & gorgonzola cheese.
Pizza Portabello$13.00
Margherita pie topped with portabello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & garlic.
Pizza Arcobaleno$13.00
Margherita pie topped with red & green roasted peppers.
Pizza Quattro Formaggi$15.00
Mozzarella, ricotta, Parmigiano & gorgonzola cheese topped with baby arugula.
Mozzarella Di Buffalo Alla Toscana$14.00
Fresh mozzarella with sliced tomatoes, roasted red pepper, basil, sun-dried tomato, capers & prosciutto.
Calamari Fritti$12.00
Lightly fried calamari served with a marinara sauce.
Melanzane Rollatini$14.00
Baked eggplant stuffed with shrimp & crab meat, baked in a light vodka sauce, topped with melted mozzarella.
Calamari Fra Diavolo$14.00
Calamari, white beans, cherry peppers & tomato.
Carpaccio Di Manzo$15.00
Thinly-sliced raw filet mignon with arugula, olive oil & shaved parmesan cheese.
Antipasto Italiano$16.00
An assortment of Italian cured meats & imported cheese.
Fritto Misto$15.00
A combination of fried zucchini, calamari & shrimp.
Melanzane Napoleone$12.00
With fresh mozzarella, tomato & grilled eggplant.
Verdure Alla Griglia$14.00
Seasonal grilled vegetables.
Vongole Oreganata$15.00
Baked little neck clams with seasoned breadcrumbs & fresh herbs.
Torta Di Granchio$15.00
Jumbo lumb crabmeat imperial tower with zucchini served over sauteed spinach & grilled tomato.
Portobello Dello Chef$15.00
Grilled portobello mushroom topped with crabmeat, asparagus & chopped tomato in a gorgonzola sauce.
Tre Colori Salad$8.00
Radicchio, arugula & endive served with lemon & olive oil dressing.
Arugula E Noci Salad$9.00
Baby arugula salad with walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes & olives dressed with shaved parmesan, fresh lemon & olive oil.
Spinaci E Pancetta Salad$8.00
Spinach salad topped with bacon, mushrooms & tomatoes with a vinegar dressing.
Caesar Salad$8.00
Romaine lettuce, seasoned croutons & shaved parmesan cheese with our own traditional Caesar dressing.
Zio Toto Salad$12.00
Shrimp, chopped tomatoes, arugula & capers served with our house dressing.
Thinly-sliced fennel, tomatoes, cured olives & oranges served over baby greens, with a blood orange dressing.
Mela Salad$9.00
Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes & granny smith apple with gorgonzola cheese & a balsamic dressing.
Portobello Salad$12.00
Grilled portobello, mixed greens, shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes & balsamic dressing.
Barbabietola Salad$12.00
Beets, baby spinach, glazed walnuts, sliced orange & gorgonzola cheese in an orange juice & olive dressing.
Focaccia Di Parma$15.00
Pizza bread stuffed with prosciutto, arugula & fresh mozzarella.
Focaccia Florentina$14.00
Pizza bread stuffed with Italian ham, sliced tomatoes & fresh mozzarella.
Focaccia Caprese$14.00
Pizza bread stuffed with fresh tomatoes, basil & fresh buffalo mozzarella.
Focaccia Con Pollo$14.00
Pizza bread stuffed with grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella & tomato.
Served with mesculn salad.
Panino Con Pollo$9.00
Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella & roasted peppers.
Panino Con Vegetalia Alla Griglia$9.00
Grilled eggplant, tomato, zucchini & mozzarella.
Panino Portabella$9.00
Grilled portabella mushrooms, arugula & fresh mozzarella.
Panino Classico$9.00
Prosciutto, tomato & fresh mozzarella.
Panino Verde$9.00
Prosciutto, arugula, pesto & fresh mozzarella.
Panino Zio Toto$9.00
Broccoli rabe, sausage & fresh mozzarella.
Panino Con Pollo Parmigiana$9.00
Chicken parmesan.
Panino Italiano$9.00
Mortadella, fresh mozzarella & sun-dried tomatoes.
Linguine Alla Mare Monte$17.00
Shrimp, cherry tomatoes, baby arugula & shiitake mushrooms sauteed in garlic & olive oil.
Rigatoni Siciliana$15.00
Eggplant, tomatoes, onions, ricotta & capers in a tomato sauce.
Orecchiette Barase$15.00
Ear-shaped pasta with broccoli rabe, sausage in garlic & oil.
Spaghettini Carbonara$15.00
Thin spaghetti with pancetta, onions & parmigiana cheese.
Penne Zio Toto$15.00
Cherry tomatoes, onions & fresh mozzarella.
Rigatoni Bolognese$15.00
Braised veal & beef in a rich tomato sauce.
Tagliatelle Del Borgo$15.00
Sweet Italian sausage, shiitake mushrooms & tomato sauce.
Gnocchi Al Pesto$15.00
Served with our fresh homemade pesto sauce.
Penne Vodka$14.00
Prosciutto sauteed with onions in a light creamy vodka sauce.
Linguine Primavera$15.00
Mixed vegetables, sauteed in garlic & extra virgin olive oil.
Homemade Lasagna$16.00
Braised beef, tomato, fresh mozzarella & bechamel.
Bucatini All' Amataciana$15.00
Cherry tomatoes, onions, pancetta & red pepper flakes.
Linguine Con Vongole$18.00
Served with clams in a white wine sauce.
Risotto Al Funghi$18.00
Wild & porcini mushroom, fresh herbs & white truffle oil.
Risotto Pescatore$22.00
With sauteed calamari, mussels, shrimp, clams & scallops.
Costatella Di Maiale$18.00
Grilled pork chop in a barolo wine sauce served with mashed potatoes.
Bistecca Alla Griglia$23.00
NY strip steak in a balsamic vinegar reduction served with rosemary potatoes.
Costolette D' Agnello$28.00
Baby lamb chops in a barolo wine herbs sauce with sauteed broccoli rabe.
Vitello Marsala$19.00
Tender veal medallions sauteed with mushrooms & marsala wine.
Vitello Saltimbocca$19.00
Veal sauteed with sage & prosciutto served with spinach.
Scaloppine Zio Toto$19.00
Thinly-sliced veal sauteed with white wine, mushrooms, artichoke & asparagus in a light tomato sauce.
Pollo Milanese$18.00
Breaded chicken cutlet topped with arugula, red onions, tomatoes & fontina cheese.
Pollo Martini$17.00
Parmesan-breaded chicken with a pinot grigio & lemon sauce served with mixed vegetables.
Pollo Limone$17.00
Grilled chicken breast sauteed with lemon garlic & artichoke.
Pollo Parmigiana$18.00
Breaded chicken breast served over spaghetti with tomato sauce.
Pollo Principessa$18.00
With prosciutto, asparagus & mozzarella served in a brown sauce.
Pollo Caprese$18.00
Chicken breast with prosciutto, tomato & mozzarella in a brown sauce.
Also served "crosto di patata". Sauteed in a light garlic & olive grilled salmon served with portabello mushrooms & fennel oil sauce.
Gamberoni Zio Toto$19.00
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with white wine, garlic, onions, artichoke & cherry tomatoes, served with broccoli.
Salmone Dello Chef$23.00
Salmon with sauteed asparagus, cherry tomatoes & crabmeat in a light garlic butter sauce.
Homemade Tiramisu$8.00
Homemade Panna Cotta$10.00
Homemade Chocolate Souffle$12.00
Italian Cheesecake$8.00
Chocolate Mousse$6.00
Lemon Sorbet$8.00
Orange Sorbet$8.00
Nutella Paradise$17.00
Sweet focaccia bread with chocolate hazelnut spread & strawberries, topped with a scoop of ice cream.


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