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Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar

Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar

1100 Market Pl Blvd, Irving, TX 75063

Open until 2:00 AM

Full Hours
    Create Your Own Pizza

    Create Your Own Pizza

    Boston's famous pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.


    Handcrafted Thin Crust

    Chicken Spinach & Artichoke Thin Crust Pizza

    Grilled chicken with our homemade spinach & artichoke mix smothered on top of mozzarella and a crispy thin crust.


    Pepperoni & Feta Thin Crust Pizza

    Pepperoni pizza sprinkled with mozzarella & cheddar cheeses and topped with feta.


    Shrimp on Fire Thin Crust Pizza

    Nashville hot sauce topped with Cajun grilled shrimp, red and green bell peppers, mozzarella, and green onions.


    NY White Thin Crust Pizza

    Alfredo sauce with creamy ricotta cheese, oregano, garlic, and mozzarella.


    Spicy Chicken Pesto Thin Crust Pizza

    Grilled chicken, pesto, jalapenos, roasted red peppers, green bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes baked with feta and mozzarella cheeses. Sprinkled with crushed red pepper.


    Margherita Thin Crust Pizza

    Fresh basil, roasted garlic, sliced tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.


    The Classics Pizzas

    Classic Pepperoni Pizza

    Our handcrafted dough and legendary pizza sauce covered with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.


    BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Grilled chicken, red onions, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, drizzled with barbecue sauce and topped with fresh cilantro.


    Veggie Pizza

    Signature pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, black olives, red & green bell peppers, and mushrooms.


    Deluxe Pizza

    Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, red & green bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.


    Five Cheese Pizza

    Signature pizza sauce, a medley of ricotta, fontina, Parmesan, and our special cheddar and mozzarella blend.


    Signature Recipes Pizzas

    Hawaiian BBQ Pizza

    Tropical smoky flavors of ham, pineapple, bacon, Korean barbecue sauce, mozzarella, and fresh green onion.


    The Flying Buffalo™ Pizza

    Creamy buffalo sauce and spicy chicken topped with mozzarella cheese and Parmesan bread crumbs, then drizzled with hot sauce. (Sorry, this item is not available in gluten-free.)


    Florentine Pizza

    Fresh spinach, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted garlic topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Finished with fresh basil.


    Mama Meata® Pizza

    Bolognese sauce topped with smoked ham, pepperoni, ground beef, and spicy Italian sausage. Covered with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.


    Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza

    Three layers of mozzarella cheese and pepperoni stacked high on our pizza sauce and handmade dough. Garnished with shredded Parmesan cheese.


    Sicilian Pizza

    Spicy Italian sausage, smoked ham, pepperoni, red onions, green peppers, and mozzarella cheese topped with fresh basil and tomatoes.


    Signature Starters

    Buffalo Cauliflower

    Lightly battered and fried cauliflower florets tossed in our buffalo sauce on a bed of bleu cheese dressing and crunchy cabbage. Topped with crumbled bleu cheese and freshly sliced scallions.


    Spinach & Artichoke Dip

    Breaded and fried shrimp tossed in an asian glaze and served on shredded cabbage. Topped with carrots, green onions, and sesame seeds.


    Chips & Salsa

    Our made from scratch salsa served with our freshly fried and seasoned corn chips.


    Chips & Queso

    Boston's rich queso served with freshly fried and seasoned corn chips.


    Cheese Curds

    Wisconsin cheese curds lightly battered and fried to golden perfection. Served with a side of pomodoro sauce.


    Onion Rings

    Lightly battered and fried onion rings, served with a side of roasted red pepper aioli.


    Loaded Cheese Fries

    Fries smothered in our rich queso topped with fresh jalapeños, diced tomatoes, and bacon. Garnished with green onion and parsley.


    Bandera Bread

    Pizza bread, Italian spices, mozzarella, and shredded Parmesan. Served with Santa Fe ranch dip.


    Cactus Cuts

    Spicy and thinly-sliced fried potatoes served with our signature cactus dip.


    Thai Shrimp Bites

    Breaded and fried shrimp tossed in an Asian glaze and served on shredded cabbage. Topped with carrots, green onions, and sesame seeds.


    Bacon Wrapped Steak Skewers

    Tender, grilled sirloin steak wrapped in savory, smoked bacon. Served with our bleu cheese cream sauce.


    Boston's Nachos

    Our signature half flour, half corn tortilla chips, individually topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, refried black beans, and tomatoes. Served with shredded lettuce, jalapeños, sour cream, avocado, and salsa.


    The Team Platter

    An unbeatable team of pepperoni pizza, cactus cuts & dip, pepperoni stuffed twist bread, cheese curds, and boneless wings tossed in your favorite flavor. Served with celery, carrots, pomodoro sauce, and your choice of house-made ranch or bleu cheese dressing.


    Pepperoni Stuffed Twist Bread

    Our hand-pressed pizza dough stuffed with sliced pepperoni, cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses, twisted, then baked to perfection. Served with our signature Pomodoro sauce for dipping.



    Tomato Basil Soup

    Vegetarian. A delicious medley of tomatoes, cream, spices, basil, and garlic simmered in a rich broth.


    Soup of the Day

    Ask us about our daily soup feature!


    Entree Salads

    Caesar Salad

    Thinly sliced, crisp romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan cheese, and croutons all tossed in our Caesar dressing.


    Steak Chopped Salad

    Tender, grilled steak piled on top of fresh mixed greens tossed, in a balsamic dressing with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, carrot, and red onion. Garnished with bleu cheese and bacon crumbles, then drizzled with a bleu cheese cream sauce.


    Chicken Cobb Salad

    Diced grilled chicken with fresh mixed greens, generously topped with avocado, bleu cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, sliced egg, and toasted pecans. Tossed in your choice of dressing.


    Mediterranean Salad

    Fresh mixed greens with black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, and red onions tossed with lemon vinaigrette dressing and topped with feta cheese and roasted red bell peppers. Served with handmade bread.


    Santa Fe Salad

    Fresh mixed greens tossed with our Santa Fe ranch dressing. Topped with black beans, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, black olives, sour cream, avocado, and tortilla strips.


    Starter Salads

    Starter Caesar Salad

    A traditional Caesar with romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan, Caesar dressing, and crunchy croutons.


    Starter House Salad

    Spring mix with red onions, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, and savory croutons. Served with your choice of dressing.



    Cauliflower Rice




    Florentine Rice


    Quinoa Rice Blend


    Roasted Vegetable Mix


    Seasoned French Fries


    Steamed Broccoli


    Sweet Potato Fries


    Truffle Parmesan Fries



    Boneless Wings

    Single comes with one flavor, double come with two flavors.


    Crispy Fried Bone In Wings

    Single comes with one flavor, double come with two flavors.


    All sandwiches served with seasoned fries.

    Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich

    A premium turkey sandwich complete with mounds of sliced turkey breast, crispy bacon, sliced avocado, tomato, and shredded letuce on a toasted hoagie roll with roasted red pepper aioli.


    Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

    Hand-breaded and fried chicken covered in Nashville Hot Sauce. Topped with dill pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and ranch dressing, served on a toasted brioche bun


    The Italian Brute

    Oven roasted prosciutto, ham, pepperoni, and salami topped with melted mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, oregano, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, and zesty Italian dressing on a toasted hoagie roll.


    Club Sandwich

    Oven roasted prosciutto, ham, pepperoni, and salami topped with melted mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, oregano, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, and zesty Italian dressing on a toasted hoagie roll.


    French Dip Sandwich

    Thinly sliced roast beef and melted fontina cheese piled high on a toasted hoagie roll. Served with a side of horseradish cream sauce and au jus for dipping.


    Our burgers are made with American Choice Angus Beef and served with seasoned fries.

    The MVB Burger

    Most valuable burger. Loaded with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses and crispy bacon. Includes lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, and mayo on a toasted bun.


    Jalapeno & Onion Ring Burger

    Topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, and onion rings, drizzled with ranch dressing.


    The Pizzaburger

    A cheeseburger wrapped in a pepperoni pizza, stuffed with bacon, mozzarella, and pizza sauce.


    Beyond® Burger

    Topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, and onion rings, drizzled with ranch dressing.


    Sliders MVB

    Three miniature burgers topped with mozzarella cheese and bacon, served on a bed of lettuce with mayo, tomatoes, red onions, and pickles. Cooked well done.


    Gourmet Pastas
    All pastas are served with parmesan bread.

    Create Your Own Pasta

    Choose your pasta and sauce to create a perfect meal.


    Hungry Carnivore Pasta

    Italian sausage, diced meatballs, bacon, pepperoni, and penne pasta smothered in Bolognese sauce.


    Chicken & Shrimp Pasta

    Grilled chicken breast and Cajun shrimp over penne pasta tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce and finished with lemon-garlic butter.


    Baked Lasagna

    A hearty classic, made in-house, featuring layers of pasta filled with ground beef and ricotta cheese, topped with our signature pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese.


    Creamy Cajun Pasta

    Sausage, chicken, and shrimp sautéed with bell peppers and penne pasta tossed in a Cajun cream sauce and garnished with fresh green onion.


    Spicy Chicken & Broccoli Penne Alfredo

    Chicken, broccoli, and penne pasta tossed in a creamy Cajun alfredo sauce with roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and parmesan cheese.


    Veggie Pesto Pasta

    Penne pasta mixed with an array of seasonal vegetables, tossed in pesto sauce. Topped with fresh basil.


    Twisted Mac & Cheese

    Spiral pasta tossed in rich queso with a kick, topped with Parmesan bread crumbs and baked until golden brown.


    Baked Spaghetti & Meatballs

    Spaghetti and meatballs smothered in pomodoro sauce, tomatoes, garlic, and basil, then baked with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.



    Chili Lime Shrimp Bowl

    Keto-friendly bowl with grilled shrimp, cauliflower rice, roasted veggies, cabbage mix, and cilantro, drizzled with a punch-packing chili lime aioli.


    Quinoa Bowl

    A quinoa rice blend on top of fresh spinach tossed in vinaigrette dressing with cabbage, shredded carrots, toasted pecans, sesame seeds, apples, and avocado. Garnished with green onion and Sriracha sauce.




    A sensational slab of tender, all American pork ribs smothered with barbecue sauce and slow roasted to perfection. Served with your choice of two sides.


    Asian-Glazed Salmon

    Grilled 8 oz. salmon fillet topped with our sweet Asian glaze. Served with broccoli and house-made florentine rice.


    Chicken Strips

    Hand-breaded chicken strips with seasoned french fries and coleslaw. Served with honey mustard dressing, barbecue sauce, or ranch dressing.


    Fish & Chips

    Crispy, fried Cod fish in a craft beer batter, served with seasoned french fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.


    Steak Frites

    USDA choice top sirloin grilled to perfection and topped with garlic butter. Served with roasted veggies and truffle parmesan fries.


    Grilled Chicken Lemonata

    Lemony grilled chicken breast served with broccoli and house-made Florentine rice.



    Chocolate Brownie Addiction

    Two deluxe brownies served with vanilla ice cream and generously drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.


    Monster Cookie

    A larger than life chocolate chip cookie served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


    Apple Crisp Dessert Pizza

    Scratch-made dessert with our handmade thin crust topped with brown sugar and cinnamon, rolled oats, and sliced Granny Smith apples. Baked to a crumbly, decadent perfection and drizzled with caramel sauce. Thin crust.


    Boston's Whiskey Cake

    This scrumptious sticky toffee pudding cake is surrounded by a decadent whiskey butter sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. Then it's drizzled in caramel sauce and sprinkled with candied pecans.


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