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Chicken is the most popular type of poultry. It’s delicious, full of beneficial proteins, and very versatile. Because of the latter, it can be enjoyed as a main dish, an appetizer, or as a part of delicious salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and more.

But when did people first discover the deliciousness of this type of poultry?

Chicken as meat was first depicted by Babylonians around 600 BC. Furthermore, it was one of the most common meats in the Middle Ages.

However, it wasn’t so common in the USA in the 1800s. Only the rich could afford this type of dish.

That was the case until World War II when it became more common and popular, mostly due to beef and pork shortage.

Up to today, it remains one of the most beloved types of meat.


Breasts, thighs, drumsticks, and wings are some of the tastiest cuts. The meat can be served as a whole steak, chopped into small bite-size pieces, cut into stripes, minced or more. Moreover, there are hundreds of dishes including this type of poultry. Some of the most popular are:

  • Chicken Marsala – This Italian dish is made with escalope in a Marsala wine sauce. It is often served with potatoes and mushrooms.
  • Chicken Parmesan – made with breaded breasts, covered in tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. It can be eaten alone, or with a side of pasta, but in subs, and sandwiches, too. This dish is inspired by the Eggplant Parmesan.
  • Fried Chicken – The crunchy, juicy, and sometimes hot dish is beloved by many. It can be deep-fried, crispy, or even served in a sandwich.
  • Wings – crispy, baked, deep-fried, covered with (hot) sauce, served with a dipping sauce. The Buffalo wings are the most popular ones.

Nutrition Value

There are around 300 calories in a serving of grilled breasts. From which 79% come from protein, and 21% from fat.

Furthermore, in a serving of Chicken parmesan without pasta, there are around 330 calories. 47% of them come from fat, 32% from protein, and 21% from fat.

Moreover, there are around 90 calories in a single wing – 67% come from fat, 21% from protein, and 12 from carbs.

Chicken Near Me

Order delicious chicken dishes right now. As a main dish, appetizer, in a salad, on pizza or in a sandwich, or sub. If in Philadelphia order from Rising Sun Pizza. In New Jersey? Be sure to try the delicacies from Melanzana Pizza 1 made with the US's most beloved poultry.

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