Cugini's Pizzeria & Trattoria

230 Betteravia Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Currently ClosedFull HoursNo MinimumPickup (15 - 30 min)Are you the owner?

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Cugini's Pizzeria & Trattoria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Classic Cheese Pizza$14.75 +
Classic Cheese Pizza White Sauce$16.25 +
Pepperoni Pizza$15.50 +
Sausage Pizza$15.50 +
Primavera Pizza$12.99 +
Broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, olives, onions, mushrooms, eggplant.
Chicken & Fontina Sauce Pizza$20.00 +
Classic Cheese Pizza with Two Toppings$17.50 +
Cugini V. I.P Pizza$21.75 +
Pepperoni, sausage, olives, peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms.
Classic Cheese Pizza with Three Toppings$17.50 +
Margherita Pizza$10.99
Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil.
Paolo Pizza$10.99
Eggplant, red onions, kalamata olives.
Michella Pizza$10.99
Three cheese, buffalo mozzarella, provolone, fontina sauce, with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil.
Luigi Pizza$10.99
Sausage, mushrooms, onions.
Giuseppe Pizza$10.99
Kalamata olives, peppers, capers, chili flakes.
Luca Pizza$10.99
Pepperoni pie.
Vito Pizza$10.99
Ham, pineapple, tomato sauce.
Isabella Pizza$11.99
Fontina sauce (no tomato sauce), roasted garlic, roasted chicken, fresh tomatoes, basil.
Rosa Pizza$11.99
Fontina sauce (no tomato sauce), sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli.
Maria Pizza$10.99
Gorgonzola, carmelized onions, buffalo mozzarella, no tomato sauce.
Gina Pizza$10.99
Pesto, artichokes, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil.
Franco Pizza$11.50
Pepperoni, canadian bacon, pineapple.
Saverio Pizza$10.99
Tomatoes, artichoke, basil
Vingenzina Pizza$10.99
Any 1 topping.
Papa Mike Pizza$10.99
Any 2 toppings.
Papa Joe Pizza$11.50
Any 3 toppings.
Classic Cheese Pizza Slice$3.25
Any Topping Pizza Slice$3.50
Classic Cheese Pizza$28.25
Classic Cheese Pizza with One Topping$30.50
Classic Cheese Pizza with Two Toppings$33.50
Classic Cheese Pizza with Three Toppings$36.50
House Salad$6.50 +
Butter lettuce, baby greens, romano cheese, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar gorgonzola dressing.
Caesar Salad$6.50 +
Hearts of romaine, imported grana, parmigiana, croutons, zesty dressing.
Spinach Salad$8.50 +
Baby spinach, pancetta, egg, pine nuts, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Cugini Cobb Salad$10.50
Pancetta, avocado, turkey, egg, gorgonzola, tomatoes, black olives, ranch dressing.
Antipasto Salad$10.50
Baby greens, turkey, olives, artichokes, cheese, gorgonzola.
Potato Salad$6.75 +
With mustard and artichokes.
Tuna Salad$8.50
With corn and jalapenos
Mediterranean Salad$7.50 +
Cucumbers, onions, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar.
Caprese Salad$8.99
Grape tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, oregano.
Pasta Salad$6.50 +
Tomato, peppers, parmigiana olives.
Pesto Salad$6.50 +
Tomato, peppers, parmigiana olives.
Marinated Grilled Mushrooms Salad$8.99
Asparagus Salad$9.25
Fresh Beet Salad$8.99
Olive oil, mint, parsley.
Our sandwiches are made with homemade panini bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and italian dressing.
Primavera Sandwich$9.99
Tomatoes, basil, buffalo mozzarella, avocado.
Cugini Special Sandwich$9.99
Mortadella, soppresatta salami, capocollo, provolone.
Turkey Breast & Cheese Sandwich$9.99
Tuna Sandwich$9.99
Tomatoes, red onions, mayonnaise.
Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich$9.99
With Italian dressing.
Our sandwiches are made with homemade panini bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and italian dressing.
Blend of lamb and beef, tomatoes, onions, homemade tsatziki sauce.
Eggplant & Provolone Sandwich$9.99
Meatballs & Provolone Sandwich$9.99
Hot Roast Beef with Cheese$9.99
Au jus & onions.
Homemade Sausage Sandwich$9.99
Onions, provolone, peppers.
Hot Turkey Sandwich$9.99
With creamy tomato sauce.
Pastrami Sandwich$9.99
Provolone, mustard and slice pepperoncini.
Mortadella, Capicola & Sopressata Salami$16.00
and provolone cheese in homemade twisted bread, with Italian dressing, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich$16.00
Turkey & Primavera Sandwich$16.00
Pasta Marinara$9.99
Spaghetti or penne with marinara.
Capellini al Pomodoro$12.50
Angel hair pasta, tomatoes, basil, garlic, with marinara.
Capellini in Bianco$12.50
Angel hair pasta in a creamy roasted garlic fontina sauce.
Spaghetti & Meatballs$12.75
Spaghetti & Sausage$12.75
Lasagna Marinara$12.75
Fresh pasta sheets, light tomato basil sauce, light layer of ricotta and buffalo mozzarella.
Handmade Ravioli of the Day$12.75
With ricotta cheese in a creamy tomato sauce.
Beef Squash Ravioli$12.75
With ricotta cheese in s creamy tomato sauce.
Butternut Squash Ravioli$12.75
With ricotta cheese in s creamy tomato sauce.
Penne al Forno$12.99
Woodfire baked pasta with meatball wedges and eggplant.
Chicken alla Cacciatore with Pasta$12.99
Chicken breast chunks, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions olives.
Eggplant Parmigiana$12.99
With pasta.
Penne San Luca$12.99
Chicken, sun - dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, basil.
Soft Drinks$2.10
Iced Tea$2.10
Hot Tea$1.50