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Buffalo fries are one of the most beloved “game day” foods (though they are just as perfect any other day, too). The perfectly cooked fries topped with cheese and sauce are perfect for sharing before the main course.

Whether you’re eating them as an appetizer, on the side, or as a main course, there are delicious Buffalo fries near you. Get them with the Slice app.

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Buffalo Fries Near You

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But what are Buffalo fries really?

They are crispy French fries with hot buffalo sauce. Because of the sauce, the fries have the flavor of Buffalo chicken wings.


This satisfying dish is best when eaten piping hot, and usually consist of:

  • Potatoes – Local chefs are using fresh potatoes, peel and cut them into fries, or use frozen French fries. The potatoes can be just fried or baked, although for this dish usually both cooking methods are combined. The fries are fried first and then baked in an oven with the additional toppings.
  • Sauce – Buffalo sauce is what makes these fries so flavorful. It is made with hot sauce, butter, and more spices and herbs.


There are different ways to prepare Buffalo fries. By simply adding new ingredients, you get new alternatives to this dish.

  • Buffalo chicken fries – made with cheese, buffalo sauce, and batter-fried buffalo chicken bites.
  • Buffalo ranch fries – for this dish alongside the buffalo sauce, ranch dressing is added, too. The ranch dressing is made with sour cream (or buttermilk), mayonnaise, and additional spices and herbs.

Nutrition value

The calorie count for this dish differs regarding ingredients. Buffalo fries’ varieties can have from 300 to 450 calories in a serving.

Moreover, in a serving of buffalo chicken fries, there are around 350 calories. From that 52% come from fat (19g), 33% from protein (27g), and 15% from carbs (12g).

Buffalo fries near me

Whether you like your fries with cheese, or chicken (or both), there are crispy buffalo fries near you. Browse through the Slice app, find the closest independent pizzerias to you, and order with fast delivery or convenient curbside pickup right now.

In Chicago? Order buffalo fries with tangy buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles from Candlelite Chicago.

In Philadelphia order buffalo fries with buffalo grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, and a side of ranch dressing from Villagio Pizza. Both available for pickup and delivery through the Slice app.



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Love the pizza, and especially the breaded fried buffalo wings! Delivery was on time!

Mazzola's Italian Restaurante

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