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The best pizza in Woodridge: a local guide

Woodridge is a small town in DuPage County, with a small portion in Cook and Will counties. According to Money Magazine, this place is considered the best place to live in this state. This town was first incorporated in 1959 by 500 residents. This place has been associated with many notable people, namely Thax Douglas, poet, and Frank Kaminsky, a player for the Phoenix Suns.

Explicitly talking about pizza in Woodridge, this place is home to the Home Run Inn Pizza chain. They are known for selling the best Chicago-style pizza and frozen pizza. This pizzeria has its headquarter in Woodridge, Illinois. But like any other state of the USA, this area has a sizeable Italian community, and you will find the Italian cooking styles and recipes dominating the culinary map of this region.

Woodridge is known for Chicago Style Pizza

Woodridge has many Italian immigrants due to its proximity to Chicago, and you will find the Chicago deep-dish pizza reigns supreme in this town. This pizza style was introduced in 1943 by Ric Riccardo and Ike Sewell when they opened “Pizzeria Uno” in Chicago. This pizza has become synonymous with the city of Woodridge as well. Thick moist crust with raised edges is the specialty of these delectable delicacies. The stuffed version of this pizza has two crusts, and it is filled with cheesy and gooey mozzarella, meat, and other fillings of your choice. This pizza's traditional toppings are placed upside down, and the top crust is layered with more cheese and tangy tomato sauce. This pizza type is cooked for a prolonged period to maintain the crunch in the bottom crust. Woodridge also has several other pizza options for pizza lovers, such as thin-crust pizza, thick crust pizza, and double-decker pizza.

Best Delivery Pizza in Woodridge

Located at Janes Ave, Pizza Italiano is considered the best option for delivery in Woodridge. This pizzeria was established in 2001 by the originator of “Little Italian Pizza.” Even at the oddest hours of the night, fast and efficient delivery has made it the first choice for the locals.

Their cheese deep pan pizza and BBQ pizza with fresh ingredients have gained a lot of praise from pizza lovers. They have medium, thick, or thin pizza crust options, and when it comes to toppings, you will have more than twenty options to choose from. Other than pizza, their seasoned tomato wedges, buffalo wings, and calzones are the most ordered items on the menu. Along with delivery, they also provide the best curbside pickup and takeout services to their customers. For good services, you can always put your trust in Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Woodridge

Papa's Pizza Place is probably the best point for takeout in Woodridge to enjoy the most delicious pizza in the peaceful environment of your home. This place's overall ambiance and seating give you a good and relaxed vibe. This pizza joint is the longstanding local's favorite for its old-fashioned thin-crust pizzas. Their double-decker thin-crust pizza stuffed with the ingredients of your choice is something that visitors keep coming back to this place for. You will see an inclusive range of options in the double-decker pizza portion of the menu, such as spinach special, chicken special, and cheese special. At the same time, the other premium delicacies such as cheese and pepperoni pizza and Papa's unique pizzas are some other customer favorites. They also offer gluten-free, plant-based Cauliflower crust pizza options. Seafood, pasta, and desserts are other most popular items on their menu. You can order through Slice for extra efficient delivery services.

Best Pizza Near Woodridge


Six miles from Woodridge, Naperville is a beautiful suburb of Chicago. This city is home to extensive forest and park preserves. Other than this, this city is a big tourist attraction for its outdoor museum and historic buildings. While taking a stroll in the town, you can always sit down and grab a slice from Rocco's Pizza, located at Gartner road. They are famous for serving thin-crust pizza, double dough pizza, stuffed pizza, and crispy pan pizza. You can always order your pizza through Slice.


Located at College Ave, Nonno Crams Pizza and Pasta is considered the best pizzeria of Wheaton by the residents of this town. This pizza joint is quite famous for its thin-crust pizza and The Ruffolo Family Specialty Pizzas. Due to its geographical proximity with Chicago, Chicago deep dish and Chicago thin crust pizza styles are dominating this town. This pizza place offers takeout and delivers services to its customers. For the best online services, you can place your order through Slice.

Glen Ellyn

This is a village in Dupage County, Il. The discovery of mineral springs near this village gave the town Put this town on the map. For the most delectable pizza experience, Papa Saverio's Pizzeria is the best place in Glen Ellyn. Chicago-style pizza, stuffed cheese pizza, and double dough cheese pizza are the specialties of this pizzeria. You can place your order through Slice for the fastest service.

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