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Corolla is a city on the Outer Banks in North Carolina near the Atlantic Ocean. The city is best known for its sandy beaches and as home to the famous Currituck Beach Lighthouse, which contains historical exhibits and breath-taking sea views. The beach town has become a popular tourist destination, and this has revamped the dining scene. Most restaurants serve authentic seafood. They tell stories of their culture using food, ensuring a memory is created in every bite. When it comes to pizzas, pizzerias add the ‘aah’ in Corolla. Serving excellent pizzas while offering pizzas of various styles, it's never a dull day at one of the local pizza joints. One of the highlights of pizza culture in Corolla is the ability to get takeout and enjoy your meal at the beach. Delicious food and a spectacular view; who could ask for more?

The best pizza in Corolla: a local guide

While pizza belongs on the list of great American dishes, you may be surprised at the quality and authenticity you get from pizza in North Carolina. In Corolla, pizza tends to be an affordable meal and ideal if you are feeding a large group or family. The main pizza style here is from New York, even though the state is miles and miles away. This type of pizza is made with a fragile, crispy crust edge and often stone oven-baked.
For a true New York-style pizza, you have to be able to fold it. The thin crust, sauce, and layer of mozzarella need to hold together while you eat it. At most pizza places in Corolla you can customize your New York-style pizza, but you can’t go wrong with cheese and pepperoni. Expect to find options by the slice or the whole pie. You can always enjoy your favorite pizza with a cold beer along the sandy beaches of the Outer Banks.

Best Delivery Pizza in Corolla

Place a pizza order with the Corolla Pizza and Deli restaurant for fast and efficient delivery. Strategically located along Ocean Trail, the restaurant has been open to the residents and visitors of Corolla since 1989. The restaurant makes stone oven pizzas and prepares their dough in-house daily. Freshness is always guaranteed. The pizza has a great crust, nice chewiness, and is perfectly crispy on the outside. The sauce used is tomatoey and well-seasoned, slightly sweet but not overly so. Their pizza dough is loaded with mozzarella and topped with your favorite toppings. The restaurant offers a seemingly unlimited selection. Some other great options on the menu at Corolla Pizza and Deli are the gluten-free crust pizzas, cheesesteaks, subs, and chicken wings. If you're looking for something new, try their Monte Calvo pizza. There is something for everyone, and their meals are well-priced so expect good value here.

Best Takeout Pizza in Corolla

Who needs to cook while on vacation or after a busy workday? Get yourself some perfectly cheesy, delicious pizza from Cosmo’s Pizza. The pizzeria sources as much locally as possible and makes everything in-house. Their pizzas are hand-tossed to achieve that perfect crunchy homemade crust. The tomato sauce is always delightful, and the toppings are generous. Cosmo’s Pizza balances quality ingredients with value every time you order. Cosmo’s focus is New York-style pizza, so it’s firm but can fold easily. It’s not too greasy or too floppy, so the toppings hold up well. The pizza makes a perfect companion for the beach and an even better companion for a chill day at home. Since you’re on the coast, you must try the Famous White Crab Pizza when you order from Cosmo’s. It features a ricotta base with tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and crab topped with a balsamic reduction. Other than pizza at Cosmo’s, some delicious options are the wings, calzones, and sandwiches, which are nothing short of flavorful.

Best Pizza Near Corolla

Southern Shores

Southern Shores is located 18 miles southeast of Corolla. The city has fancy accommodations and elegant restaurants near the ocean where vacationers are welcome year in, year out.

For when you need a reliable pizza, consider Pizza Stop. This pizzeria makes excellent hand-tossed pizzas, perfectly spicy wings, colorful salad, and savory hoagies. They have a broad selection of specialty pizzas available by the slice or as a whole pie.

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk, located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is an attractive city known for a coastal reserve that houses otters and turtles. The town is a vacation destination filled with luxurious hotels and resorts. Tourism is the main reason to visit. When it comes to pizza, it’s easy to find a solid pizzeria in the town. Southern Shores Pizza is a family-centered restaurant that serves outstanding hand-tossed pizzas. Their pizza crust hits a perfect balance of soft and crispy. Their New York-style pizzas and Cheese Steak Subs are some of the more popular menu items at Southern Shores.

Nags Head

Nags Head is part of Outer Banks Island, graced with beautiful beaches, wild horses, and lighthouses. The town is made up of a close-knit community that is always welcoming to the constant stream of visitors. Village Pizza of Nags Head is a family-owned pizzeria that offers a wide selection of authentic pizzas. From perfect thin-crust New York-style pizza to vegan pizzas layered with dairy-free cheese. You should also try the garlic knots. Every meal is scrumptious and made using high-quality ingredients.

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