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Pizza is a very popular dish in North Carolina today. It originated in Italy and was brought over to the states by soldiers returning from WWII. It didn’t take long for the dish to become very popular in New York City, where it would then spread across the country.

Today, you can find all sorts of pizzerias in Matthews. The city has a great appreciation for the dish, with the Neapolitan pizza being the most popular style. The authentic preparation methods leave you with a delicious, crispy crust.

Overall, there are many different pizzerias that you will want to try out if you live in the area. Many locals recommend their favorite places often- so you should have no trouble finding several new places to try out!

Slice Life has all of the best pizza places for you here, so be sure to continue scrolling if you want to try a new pizza pie.

Recommended Pizzerias in Matthews

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Pizza Spiga Italian Restaurant logo
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$6.00 Delivery
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Bisonte Pizza Co logo
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Pizzerias in Matthews with Fastest Delivery
Athens Pizza
Open Now
2920 Old Monroe Rd, Matthews, NC 28104
Mario's Pizza & Italian Restaurant
Open Now
$3.00 Delivery
2945 Matthews Weddington Rd, Matthews, NC 28104
Brooklyn Pizza Parlor
Open Now
6400 Weddington Rd, Matthews, NC 28104
Mama's Pizza & Pasta
15080 Idlewild Rd C, Matthews, NC 28104

Matthews is Known For Neapolitan Pizza

The Neapolitan often has more sauce than cheese. Since they tend to ooze sauce, they are usually served in a personal pan size. The crust is thick and flakey, with plenty of toppings. The pizza is also often cooked in an authentic wood fire oven.

Plus, many people feel that the firing method used brings out the flavor of the pizza. The tomato sauce and the fresh mozzarella are enhanced, making this pizza a popular choice among so many areas.

The Neapolitan pie also has a slightly raised edge, allowing it to hold more sauce and toppings without falling apart. If you enjoy a chewy crust, then we would have to recommend this style for you. It’s one of the more authentic options for a pizza today.

Overall, there are plenty of options for pizza when you are in Matthews. You will have many opportunities to try out a classic Neapolitan slice. However, you will find many other options for pizzas here as well. The New York and Chicago pizza can be found anywhere- this city included!

Best Delivery Pizza in Matthews

If you want to enjoy the fastest delivery in the city, make sure you use the Slice Life website to order from the Pizza Spiga Italian Restaurant. They are very prompt with their service and have amazing food. Plus, locals say they also appreciate the value they get with their meals.

The locals love the pizzeria’s eggplant parmesan and stromboli. You will find salads here as well, which go great with pizza. You can even find a classic New York slice at this location. Their crust is wonderful and they always make sure to include plenty of sauce, cheese, and toppings with your order.

The staff are kind, hard-working, and dedicated to making your order perfect. You can be certain your meal arrives in a timely manner, especially if you order with Slice Life.

Best Takeout Pizza in Matthews

However, you may be more interested in picking up your order on your own. If so, we recommend that you order takeout from the Bisonte Pizza Co. Locals say that the store has some of the best wings in the area too- you will want to try them.

The crust is a little sweet, which tastes great with the sauce they use. Many people enjoy their cheese, pepperoni, and Hawaiian pizzas. There are plenty of other options on their menu for you to try out as well. They have a wide selection of toppings, so you will be sure to find a combination that you love.

Finally, the staff here are always very prompt with working on your food. They start as soon as they receive your order, so you can get a hot and fresh meal as soon as you arrive.

Best Pizza Near Matthews


Be sure to stop by Benny Pennello’s if you want an entirely new cheese pizza experience. The store is themed after the 1990s and they offer the largest New York slices around. They also have some of the best tasting cheese in the city- there are plenty of reasons to make a trip over there!


The Pizza Palace in Monroe is very well priced- you get a high value when you order from this store. They have a delicious New York pie and some of the best customer service in town. They also have an expansive menu, which you can browse at your leisure.

Mount Holly

If you happen to be around Mount Holly, we recommend that you order from Papa Sammy’s Pizza there. They have plenty of delicious pies, with many topping choices available. The restaurant is very affordable and has larger portion sizes than most places.


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