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Milford is a city in Ohio founded in 1796 that covers an area of around four square miles. This vibrant city is known as a trail town due to its location at the intersection of eight North American pathways covering over 22,000 miles. The city hosts family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year like Art Affaire and street festivals, Movies on the Miami, and Frontier days. These events feature street food like pizza. Italian Ohioans have a significant impact and continue to enhance Ohio’s social and cultural landscape. During the 19th and 20th centuries, millions of immigrants moved into the United States hoping for a better life. It was common for these immigrants to work in factories or as cooks and servers in restaurants. The Italian immigrants tended to live together with people in their communities who shared the same culture and spoke the same language. By 1920, there were over 60,000 Italian immigrants in Ohio alone. Most of these immigrants were starting to open up their own businesses. It’s lucky for the pizza fans of Milford that many of these businesses were Italian restaurants with excellent and authentic pizza.

The best pizza in Milford: a local guide

Ohio is a melting pot, which is one of the things that makes it unique and rich in culture. This diversity also influences food, so it’s not surprising that the state has its own style of pizza. If you’ve never tried an Ohio-style pizza, Milford is the place to get it.

Ohio-style pizza is a rarity in the pizza world. It’s round in shape but gets cut into square pieces. It can be served cold with a mound of mozzarella cheese on top. It has a thick crust with cheese that goes all the way to the edge. The main difference with Ohio-style pizza is the swirl of tomato sauce and the swirl of garlic sauce on top of all the other ingredients. This ensures that the crust stays crispy and the flavor of the sauce is more prominent.

Steubenville is the center of this innovative dish, but other towns in and around Ohio have adopted it too. It’s a recipe that hasn’t changed since it was first made in the 1940s.

Best Delivery Pizza in Milford

In the heart of downtown Milford, Padrino is a family-owned and operated restaurant that got its start in 1987. It has been serving the best pizza in the area ever since. It’s a pizzeria known for dishing out pizzas, drinks, classic pasta, salads, and Italian subs in a vintage atmosphere. Whether you want to eat something you’ve eaten before or you want to try something new, the stacked menu at Padrino will provide you with all you need. Padrino will make you feel comfortable and satisfied with traditional Italian dishes made with local fresh ingredients using traditional recipes. They offer customers dine-in, takeout, delivery, and outdoor seating options. Bring the whole family because there is also a kid-friendly menu, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Why not have a drink in the bar while using the free Wi-Fi? Padrino is hands down the best place for value in Milford.

Best Takeout Pizza in Milford

Since its opening about 60 years ago, LaRosa's Pizzeria has maintained its reputation as the neighborhood's favorite takeout restaurant due to its exceptional food and service. They are dedicated to providing the best pizza in the area with the best ingredients, recipes, and pizza-making processes. With over 40 menu items in total, you can get the perfect amount of variety you need, no matter your cravings. Their menus include different types of pizza, salads, and pasta. At LaRosa’s Pizzeria, you’ll always have a choice. The dining room at LaRosa's Pizzeria is very spacious and has both booths and tables to accommodate you and your friends or family. Beverages range from soda to wine and beer to complement your pizza. Other convenient services include free Wi-Fi for customers and television sets in the dining room. LaRosa's Pizzeria also has a party area that can seat 30 guests. Ideal for your next get-together.

Best Pizza Near Milford


Clarksville is a small village in Clinton County and is about 24 miles from Milford. Even though it is a small village with less than 1000 people, Clarksville has some good restaurants and bars. Falcon Village Pizza is one of the top pizzerias in Clarksville, taking pizza to the next level. They offer varieties of pizza in five different sizes. They also have sandwiches, appetizers, and sides.


Richards Pizza, voted the best pizza in Butler County, was opened in 1955 and is Hamilton’s oldest pizza restaurant. Their menu features Italian sandwiches, tasty salads, delicious pasta, and freshly made pizza. Richards Pizza has branches in both Hamilton West and Hamilton East. There are branches in Trenton, Monroe, and Fairfield as well, so it’s definitely popular.


Located around ten miles from Milford, Grammas Pizza offers the best pizza in Batavia coupled with outstanding service for you and your whole family. It was opened more than 40 years ago by four brothers who came to the United States for a better life. They have multiple locations and feature gyros, calzones, salads, and pasta in addition to their pizza.

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