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The best pizza in Steubenville: a local guide

Since its arrival to the United States in the early 1900s, pizza has continued to capture the hearts of many in the country. It didn't take long before Steubenville, a city in Jefferson County, Ohio, caught on to the pizza trend. In 1945, the son of an Italian immigrant opened the first pizza place in Steubenville. Whether young or old, it didn't matter; everyone fell in love with the dish from the shores of Italy.

In Steubenville, while most pizza restaurants may have an old-fashioned structure, there is a sense of serenity about them. In some way, this translates to the quality of their services. Steubenville has a rich history in arts and culture, earning itself the ‘City of Murals’ nickname for displaying over 25 downtown murals. The city also knows how to throw a great party. The Nutcracker Village Christmas Party is a prime example. Street foods, like pizza, play a role in the success of these exciting events.

Steubenville is Known for Sicilian Pizza

From the story of the first Steubenville pizzeria, you can tell that the Italian immigrant population has an undeniable influence on the growth of pizza in the area. This growth is evident even in their choice of pizza styles. The city of Steubenville shows a special affection for Sicilian pizza. However, the city has an affinity for other pizza types like New York-style pizza as well.

Steubenville has excellent taste in pizza, and their affection for Sicilian pizza outlines that. This pizza style originated from Sicily in Italy, explaining how the name ‘Sicilian’ was coined. Although the original form of Sicilian pie bears some differences, it laid the foundation for the present-day thick-crusted and rectangular pie made in the US. A typical Sicilian pizza is topped with onions, anchovies, tomatoes, herbs, and cheese. This is the classic version, although there are various ways of preparing Sicilian pizza, depending on the four regions of Sicily. While there may be several other reasons why Steubenville loves Sicilian pizza, the sweet and savory taste of the pie is an obvious one.

Best Pizza Delivery in Steubenville

In Steubenville, only a few pizza restaurants can produce excellent delivery service. However, it is no coincidence that DiCarlo’s Pizza is the cream of this crop. Having served their delicious pie to different generations in Steubenville, you can feel the confidence and experience in their quality of service. DiCarlo’s Pizza is not only excellent at delivering pizza but also serves one of the tastiest pizzas Steubenville has to offer.

As the name suggests, anyone can guess that pizza is the main menu item at DiCarlo’s. Their pizza is square, thick-crust pie with a fabulous taste. They use traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients. Other than classic pizza, they have pizza rolls baked and stuffed with provolone and mozzarella. You can also opt for their take and bake option to cook your pizza when you want it at home.

Best Pizza Takeout in Steubenville

Pizza takeout is a fantastic service that lets you enjoy your favorite pie anywhere and in any situation. Whether it is a family outing or games night with friends, picking up a pizza on the go is convenient. In Steubenville, you can get the best takeout service at Rubi’s Pizza & Grill. Once you place your order, their customer-friendly staff swings into action, preparing your meal with utmost care. So, in no time, you will be leaving the restaurant with your delicious meal in hand.

Rubi’s pizza is rich with options. You can have Chicken Bacon Ranch, Taco, or Hawaiian Pizza. The Taco Pizza has steak, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. The taco sauce is the base, and it is topped with both mozzarella and cheddar. Although Rubi’s serves good pizza dishes, it is only one of the numerous meal options on their menu. Every meal served in Rubi's is fantastic, from the sandwich and salad varieties to the pasta dishes.

Best Pizza near Steubenville


Weirton, a city split between the two counties in West Virginia, is known for its welcoming population. Weirton is a city famous for its industrial prowess, rightly so considering the town’s steel industry’s growth.

Pizza is enjoyed by young and old in Weirton. Peppebroni’s Pizza is a family name in the small town, and they are known for their irresistible White Pizza and Broni Pizza. These dishes are simply too good to pass up.

East Liverpool

East Liverpool is a small city situated in southern Columbiana County in Ohio. It shares borders with Pennsylvania and West Virginia. East Liverpool is home to the historical ‘Point of Beginning’ marker, situated on the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line.

East Liverpool loves a good pizza, and they know where to get it, whether they are visitors or locals. Casa De Emanuel, the city’s sweetheart, is the place. They keep churning out delicious slices of pizza to satisfy the cravings of their patrons. Opt for the personal pan pizza or a large Supreme Pizza to please the whole family.


Wheeling, a city situated between Ohio and Marshall counties in West Virginia, runs along the base of the Appalachian Mountains. Despite the industrial evolution experienced here, Wheeling remains one of the best places to reside in West Virginia. Di Carlo’s Pizza Wheeling is a famous place in the city to satisfy your pizza craving. If you seek the best pizza slices in town, then a trip to Di Carlo’s Pizza is in order.

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