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The best pizza in Northampton: a local guide

Most pizzerias in Northampton serve Neapolitan pizza, so you don't have to worry about where to order one. Pizza has been around Northampton since the 1930s when some of the earliest pizzerias opened, such as Joe's Spaghetti & Pizza. Neapolitan pizza was among the restaurant's first menu items, and it's still the dominant style in several pizzerias today. A mouth-watering Neapolitan pizza ordered in Northampton will make you do a double-take. You’ll wonder if you’ve been magically transported to the streets of Naples, whose locals first prepared the style in the 19th century. Neapolitan pizza has a thin crust with a puffy outer edge which makes the pizza soft. The pizza is prepared using fresh, high-quality ingredients, such as mozzarella cheese, raw tomatoes, olive oil, and basil. The pizza preparation is simple and does not require deluxe toppings to taste delicious. Neapolitan pizza is mainly served whole instead of in slices because the crust is so thin that it is prone to breakage when you lift a slice.

Best Delivery Pizza in Northampton, Massachusetts

Northampton is a place many people visit for different purposes such as work, school, or even as tourists. Pizza Amore serves the visitors and the locals delectable New York-style thin-crust pizzas, easily ordered for delivery. Try the Meat Lovers packed with meat or the Veggie Pizza with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and green peppers. If you prefer a specific combination of meat and veggies, feel free to customize your own. For something to accompany your tasty pizza, or for something lighter, add the House Salad With Chicken to your meal. It’s full of good stuff, like two kinds of cheese, green peppers, egg, and bacon. It's something you don't want to miss. Pizza Amore also serves burgers, calzones, club sandwiches, and desserts. The atmosphere at Pizza Amore is casual and straightforward. The service is always with a smile, and orders are accurate and quick. Try them out next time you need delivery in Northampton.

Best Takeout Pizza in Northampton, Massachusetts

Highbrow Wood Fired Kitchen and Bar, formerly Pizzeria Paradiso, experienced a change in ownership and is now better than ever. The pizzeria bakes its pizzas using a wood-fired brick oven, and you can really taste the difference. High Brow’s pizzas are called Hearth Pies, which conveys a warm and homey feeling. The restaurant’s atmosphere mirrors this feeling while remaining casual and inclusive. Consider starting your order with an appetizer, and Highbrow's Famous Sticky Ribs are a good choice. The Truffle Fries are also a crowd favorite with chives, Grana Padano, and white truffle oil piled on a bed of shoestring fries. Now for the main event: the pizza. The Hearth pies are made Neapolitan-style with the best and most flavorful ingredients. The Vegetable Primavera is unique with fried eggplant, artichokes, and roasted red peppers. The pizza sauce is a San Marzano tomato puree to preserve the pizza’s roots in Naples, Italy. Highbrow is a family-friendly pizzeria where you can order delicious pasta with parmesan and butter for your kids. If that doesn’t work, they have six other options on the kid’s menu.

Best Pizza Near Northampton


The town of Amherst is a perfect destination when you need a fabulous New York-style pizza. Athena's Pizza serves an enticing Veggie Delight Pizza with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, and broccoli. It’s ideal for vegetarians. For meat fans, why not try the Mexicano Pizza? It uses typical taco ingredients like ground beef, onions, olives, and tomatoes, in addition to mozzarella. Complement your pizza perfectly with their aromatic Caesar Salad with Chicken.


Capri Pizza has served Holyoke residents flavorful pizzas for over 50 years. The family-owned and run pizzeria makes world-class Sicilian pizzas which you can enjoy by ordering on Slice when in the town. If you are coming from Northampton, you will have to drive about 10 miles, but it’s worth it. The menu at Capri Pizza is full of specialty, cauliflower crust, and gluten-free pizzas. One of their grinders, calzones, or wraps is also a solid choice.


The 20 miles to Chicopee from Northampton may sound far, but the town is worth visiting. Romano's Pizza Restaurant is a household name in Chicopee, and you can order a delightful New York-style pizza. Opt for the plain cheese and customize it or go with one of their fantastic gourmet pizza combinations. Romano’s is also popular for breakfast if you’re in town early. They do omelettes served with toast and french fries.

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