What is 1 Dollar Pizza?

Who says you can’t get anything good for a buck? With 1 dollar pizza, you can get the world’s best meal for the same price as a soda at your local corner store.

In New York, where they’re serious about their pizza, the 1 dollar slice is a way of life. Even if you’re not in NYC, you can get a slice at the perfect price for pickup or delivery.

1 Dollar Pizza in New York

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Riossi Pizza


4417 Broadway

New York, NY 10040

Open Now
$3.00 Delivery
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99 Cent Village Pizza


333 Sixth Ave

New York, NY 10014

Free Delivery
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1 Dollar Pizza in Brooklyn

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Doroj Fried Chicken & Pizza


2637 86th St

Brooklyn, NY 11223

$1.50 Delivery
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J&D Pizzeria Restaurant

2530 Pitkin Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11208

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1 Dollar Pizza in Chicago


Q: 🍕Is there still $1 pizza in New York City?

Q: 🍕How is it possible for pizzerias to sell slices for just one dollar?

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