What is Coal-Fired Pizza?

Coal-fired pizza was made famous by Lombardi’s, which opened its doors in New York City more than 100 years ago. Beloved for their blackened, thin, and crispy crust, coal-fired pizzas are found in more U.S. cities than ever. Breathe easy – coal-fired ovens use clean-burning anthracite to power their pizza rather than bituminous coal. This coal variation is harder to mine, and harder to cook with, but these expert pizza chefs know what they're doing:

Coal Fired Pizza in Brooklyn

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Coal Fired Pizza in New York

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Coal Fired Pizza in Philadelphia

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Coal Fired Pizza in Davie

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Q: 🍕Are most pizzas made in coal-fired or wood-fired ovens?

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Q: 🍕What type of coal is used in coal-fired pizza ovens?

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Q: 🍕How long does it take to cook a pizza in a coal-fired oven?

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