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What is Montanara Pizza?

If you’ve never had montanara pizza, you need to change that ASAP. Anchored by a freshly fried crust, the montanara pizza’s flavor and texture is unparalleled. After a quick turn in the oven, the crushed tomatoes and fresh mozzarella are blessed with the oils of the rich base, creating one of the most extraordinary pizzas on the planet. This fried pizza has roots in ancient Italian cuisine, but it is having a well-deserved moment in the United States thanks to pizzerias like New York’s Kesté and Forcella. Try a montanara pizza in your neighborhood today – you’ll thank us later.

Montanara Pizza in Brooklyn

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72 5th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11217

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485 Lorimer St

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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6423 20Th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11204

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Montanara Pizza in New York

Da Mikele By Luzzo's


275 Church St

New York, NY 10013

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Song' E Napule Pizzeria


146 W Houston St

New York, NY 10012

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Montanara Pizza in Chicago

Andiamo Pizzaria


2814 N Halsted St

Chicago, IL 60657

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Q: Is Montanara pizza fried?

A: Montanara pizzas have a fried crust, but the pizza is finished in the oven. The Montanara is not battered and the dough is fried for only a minute, so the pizza is much lighter than you might expect.

Q: Where can I get a Montanara pizza?

A: Montanara pizzas aren’t found everywhere in the United States, but they’re gaining popularity in many cities. To locate a delicious Montanara – or another tasty pizza – near you, download the Slice app.

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