What is New England Pizza?

New England-style pizza is known for its puffy crust and ample cheese. Popular in – you guessed it – New England, this pizza gains oil, fried flavor, and crisp after baking in a circular pan. Topped with an oregano-laced sauce and ample cheese, it’s a favorite for families and college kids alike.

New England-style pizza is also referred to as Greek pizza, though there’s nothing particularly Greek about its ingredients. Instead, its alternate handle is a nod to the Greek immigrants who first served the pizza in the Boston area.

New England Pizza in Stamford
T's Pizza Kitchen
$2.50 Delivery
523 Pacific St, Stamford, CT 06902
New England Pizza in Philadelphia
New England Pizza
$3.00 Delivery
2417 Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114


Q: 🍕Is New England pizza Greek?

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Q: 🍕Do New England-style pizzas have Greek ingredients?

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Q: 🍕Where can I get a New England-style pizza near me?

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