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You can easily order with the Slice App! This tasty Italian pastry is made of a fried dough ball with powdered sugar on top and jelly and custard filling.

The tradition is to eat this dessert on Saint Joseph’s Day i.e. every March 19. This custom was made popular by a Neapolitan baker at the beginning of the 19th century.

This delicious pastry is most prominent in places like Rhode Island, Rome, Naples, and Malta.

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Looking for Zeppoles delivery? Well, there is a great restaurant in Las Vegas called Rocco's NY Pizzeria & Pasta - WINDMILL where you can order zeppole and get this delicious pastry delivered right to your home.

Zeppoles are an Italian fritter similar to a fried doughnut. Their size could vary but the diameter is usually about 4 inches. And they are commonly topped with powdered sugar. As for the filling, it could range from jelly, pastry cream, custard, to a butter and honey mix.

Traditionally, this delicious dessert is consumed on Saint Joseph’s Day. This is a Catholic feast day that people celebrate on March 19th each year.

And the tradition was popularized by Pasquale Pintauro. He was a baker in Naples, in the 1800s, and he would sell the goods from a street cart every St. Josephs’ Day.

These Italian doughnuts are particularly common in Naples and Rome. But they are sold in Malta, Sicily, the United States, and Canada.

In Rome, this fritter is also known as Bignè di San Giuseppe. And in other places, it can be called St. Joseph’s Day cake or sfinge. In Croatia, it is also referred to as “blenzi.”

Additionally, in some places in America, these doughnuts consist of ricotta, chocolate, fruits, and honey called crispellis.

There is a bakery in Providence, Rhode Island, called Calise & Sons. It was opened in 1908 and they would sell these Italian pastries. In fact, around the 1970s they had to ask the police for help in order to manage the crowds who were there to buy them.

And if you search restaurants in New York City you can get zeppoles delivery or pickup from the amazing restaurant called Peperino NYC Pizza. And they also have this delicious pastry in Circo’s Pastry Shop in Brooklyn.

Another version of the dessert is savory and made of fried bread dough. And it is usually stuffed with anchovy. In Southern Italy, this version is eaten on New Year’s Eve. And in Malta, it is eaten throughout the Lent fasting period.

In addition, there is a version of the pastry called “sfinge” in Southern Lazio. And it is made of ricotta, almond, eggs, vanilla, sugar, and more.

The Greek zeppoles are also popular as loukoumades. And they’re basically the Greek version of doughnuts. These small and soft honey balls are prepared by deep-frying which makes them look golden. They are typically served with honey syrup, cinnamon, and walnuts.

The loukoumades are carefully prepared in order to make them crispy and fluffy. The correct temperature must be used, and they’re cooked in batches. This is to avoid the small doughnuts from attaching to each other and becoming mushy.

So, if your late night appetite is ready for some delicious Italian doughnuts, check for local restaurants near you that may offer zeppoles delivery so that you can order online!



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Soft tasty dough. Generous number of zeppoles.

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