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Pennsylvania and New York are very close to one another, so they have shared plenty of their pizza recipes and styles over time. You will find plenty of hand-tossed pizzas in the area, as many shops still want to make their pies traditionally.

Pizza first came to Imperial after soldiers returned from WWII. After that, lots of Italian-American families spread out across the East coast, with many moving to PA and NY. From there, pizza started changing and taking on a life of its own.

In Imperial, you will find plenty of different pizza shops. People in the area love experimenting with toppings too! You will notice lettuce, tomatoes, onion, mushroom, hot and green peppers, breaded chicken, and even croutons on topping menus.

If you live in Imperial, you have a variety of pizza places to check out! If you are having trouble deciding where you want to eat, you should stick around. We have everything you need to know about local pizzerias on this page.

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The best pizza in Imperial: a local guide

Since PA and NY are so close, it makes sense that the New York-style slice would be popular in both states. Plenty of people enjoy the thin, foldable pieces. If you live in Imperial, you are probably already very familiar with this style of pie.

The New York slice started out as a street food. It is meant to be folded in half, so you can eat it while you walk. The slices come from a massive pie- you should feel full after one slice! Locals love this about these pizzas.

These pizzas are traditionally hand-tossed, making them fit in with the other pizzas around Imperial. By tossing the dough, cooks allow it to stretch out in the air. After several throws, the dough is fully stretched and ready to be baked in a pizza oven.

For anyone visiting Imperial, you should try some of their New York-style slices before you leave. They are delicious and as authentic as possible- we are confident you will enjoy them!

Best Delivery Pizza in Imperial

Paprika’s is one of the best pizzerias in Imperial. They have very punctual delivery, so you can enjoy your food while it's still hot. Paprika has delicious Indian food as well, giving them a unique and tasty menu for you to order from.

Customers love their appetizers the most. They are pretty cheap, so many order more than one. They also serve gyros, pasta, calzones, and other items. The staff are also always kind to their customers, so you can expect to receive the best possible service while you are there.

Overall, their delivery is always on time. You can place an order and expect it at your door ASAP. We recommend that you try out the many different topping options this restaurant has to offer. You will be surprised at all of the topping combinations you can make!

Best Takeout Pizza in Imperial

Angelia’s Pizza on Lincoln Drive has got you covered when it comes to ordering takeout. All of their menu items are delicious and made fresh. Plus, they are very quick when it comes to bringing your meal out to you.

Customers love their subs and hoagies the most. If you enjoy sandwiches, we are sure you would also enjoy those options. The store also cuts their pepperoni fresh, giving it a chewy texture.

Many also enjoy the unique sauce that this pizzeria uses. It has a bit of spiciness to it, giving it a kick that can be surprising. All of that combined with their many different toppings and delicious crust makes it well worth visiting for take out.

If you order online, you can be sure your food is ready when you arrive. They are well-known and can get quite busy on some days.

Best Pizza Near Imperial


Enlow is a very short trip away from Imperial- only 0.8 miles! If you want to try pizza from somewhere new, this city would be a good choice. Garden of Eating Pizzeria has large pie options, which are perfect for sharing with friends and family. They are easy to find and offer New York slices.


This town is also very close to Imperial, at about two miles away. Juliano’s Restaurant & Catering has great Italian food and great prices. They have a salad bar with plenty of sides and also offer several gluten-free options. They are the number one Italian restaurant in Robinson, so you can expect delicious pizza!


If you want homemade style food, then Hunner’s Restaurant & Catering is for you. They offer plenty of different pizzas, sandwiches, and other traditionally American foods. They always get your orders on time, so you can expect a warm meal. Many locals consider this place to be their hidden gem.

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