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The best pizza in Aptos: a local guide

Aptos is a small and sleepy little town that is one of the oldest in California. This town is not short on great dining options despite its size, however. You can head here for all kinds of culinary delights and there are many excellent pizza places in the area. This is a beautiful town that offers you the chance to visit the Santa Cruz area without staying right in the bigger city centers nearby. You can enjoy some peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, and amazing pizza here with ease.

This area was originally inhabited by the Ohlone people and was later the center of strife between those who wanted to create the state of California and those who did not want the land to be given to the US. A sugar millionaire cemented the location as a vacation spot early in its history and you can see much of the influence of his work in the historic parts of town to this day. Just like many locations in the Santa Cruz area, this is a great place to visit to enjoy museums that tell you all about California’s history. Planning a day trip into this area will mean that you can stop by some museums and see the sights and then have a delicious pizza!

Aptos is Known for Specialty Pizza

Aptos, CA is known for fusion and specialty foods of all kinds. Their pizza stops will offer you some really amazing twists on favorites and classic pies and you will never be disappointed in the quality of these pizzas when you try them. You can enjoy everything from a modified White Pizza here to a BBQ-inspired Pie or a fun interpretation of East Coast dishes. There is something for everyone on the menus here in this town and you will be hard-pressed to figure out which delicious pizza sounds best for you to try.

The city itself just invites you to sit down and enjoy the family and vacation-style atmosphere and you will get access to a really nice sit-down dining experience here as well as great takeout and delivery. This is one of the best places in California for this kind of pizza experience and you will love that you do not have to go far to try pizza from all over the world here in Aptos.

Best Delivery Pizza in Aptos

Mangiamo Pizza offers really quick and easy delivery service and you will enjoy a huge variety of specialty pizzas on their big menu. This is a great place for fusion pies as well as a build-your-own pizza experience and their toppings and sauces are really excellent. Try their Shiska Bob pizza or their unusual pineapple and pesto pizza called the Three P Pizza. There are classic Italian favorites on the menu here as well as spicy pizzas like the Tropical Heat Pizza.

This location also offers salads and calzones as well as really excellent bread options like garlic cheese bread and stromboli. There are also some excellent veggie options if you are not a meat lover and want a really good pizza for your own needs. This is a unique and fun place to pick for your delivery order and you will be sure to find the perfect pie for your needs on their huge menu.

Best Takeout Pizza in Aptos

Flats Bistro Aptos offers really great takeout pizza and you can enjoy excellent gluten-free options here as well as some fun California-inspired pizzas. The Ship Pizza is a sweet and savory example of their unique fusion offerings or you can choose from the fun Manly Man Pizza or the Spicy Sausage Pizza for a more meat-inspired and classically spicy pizza. There are lots of really fun fruit and fusion toppings to be had here and their crusts are excellent no matter which kind you select for your pizza order.

There are even gluten-free stuffed pizzas on the menu at this location and you can add a side salad to your order. Choose this location for a really inventive and yummy pizza that is very Aptos in nature. There is a little bit of every style of pizza represented here in their menu options and you can’t go wrong when you order here.

Best Pizza Near Aptos

Watsonville, CA

Piarra Pizza is a great place to head to for quality deep dish pizzas as well as simple and easy to order favorites with classic toppings. They also offer stuffed crust pizzas and their own California-themed selection of pizza toppings and styles. If that was not enough, you can also get thin-crust or pan crust pizzas here too! This is a really great place to head if you want to try new pizza flavors or if you have always wanted to have an authentic deep dish pizza for your dining needs.

Felton, CA

Castelli’s Deli Cafe is a great stop if you love Italian pizzas that are made the way they would be if you traveled to Italy. There is an entire list of delightful Italian favorites to choose from here as well as breakfast options and more. You can get really good salads and soups here as well as yummy pound cake for dessert. This is a location that has a huge and varied menu that will be sure to have the perfect something for everyone!

San Jose, Ca

Pomodoro, CA is a really great place for gluten-free pizza as well as veggie pizzas that are fresh and delicious. They also offer a good and unique Spicy Thai Pizza and some excellent meat lover’s style pizzas. You can get a classic slice here as well as some really yummy spicy pizzas if you enjoy a zesty pizza experience. They offer almost all of their toppings on their gluten-free crust and you can get some really satisfying sides here too.

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