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Eureka is a Californian city where old meets new amid a landscape of spectacular coastlines and dense redwood forests. Its Gothic-looking Victorian Old Town is one of the districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places and encompasses over one-hundred and fifty structures built in the 19th century.

Eureka's geographical location on the edge of Humboldt Bay put it in the perfect position for rapid expansion during the California Gold Rush era. Its proximity to the endless acreage of redwood forests and the bay also influenced Eureka's development as a central focus in the area for the transportation of timber for the lumber industry. The lure of finding gold plus the abundance of work in the nearby timber mills attracted fleets of migrants to Eureka from all over the US and Europe. A few generations later, it was the descendants of those early Italian migrants who began feeding the ever-increasing population of Eureka with pizza.

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Eureka in California is known for thick crust pizza

There have been many variations and Americanizations made to the original Italian pizza recipes over the decades. Some for the better, some for the worse, and others that should have stayed in the pizza chef's imagination and never seen the light of day. The pie chefs of Eureka abide by tradition though and Eureka is known for its thick crust pizzas. You will find other styles of pizza on the menus of the pizzerias in Eureka, namely New York, Chicago and Sicilian, but it's thick crust which is heavily predominant. While thick crust pies may appear to be roughly made and lacking finesse, that's exactly what a pizza should look like. It's a rustic food prepared and cooked quickly that is a total delight to eat. Think artisanally shaped rounds of dough with a thick, bubbled edging smeared liberally with a herb-seasoned tomato sauce and finished with a layer of mozzarella and if your mouth isn't watering then you need your taste buds testing.

Best delivery pizza in Eureka, California

There's nothing better than opening the door and receiving a weighty boxed pizza from a delivery guy. It's a good sign that the pie inside is loaded to the max with toppings and is going to be absolutely delicious. You can make sure that's just the experience you get if you order from Angelo's Pizza Parlor on 7th Street. They make the best delivery pizza in Eureka. Angelo's Pizza Parlor is housed in an independent, brick-built bungalow-style building that is quite understated. Their signage, though, wouldn't be out of place on the Las Vegas Strip. If you're getting a delivery you'll be safe from the glare of neon, but not from being completely dazzled by their pizzas. Try Angelo's Lumberjack, Pregnant Lady, or BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger pizzas and you'll definitely feel as if you've won a jackpot.

Best takeout pizza in Eureka, California

If you've been down in the Old Town feasting your eyes on its streets of architectural wonders, and have found yourself starting to feel hungry, you won't have far to go to pick up the best take-out pizza in Eureka. Head down 2nd Street and you can get a take-out pie from Smug's Pizza. While the blue-painted exterior of Smugs' premises looks as if it belongs in the Victorian age, inside is a completely different story. Internally Smugs is a smart, bakery-type of establishment and while it may have space constrictions, it's well organized for the business of cooking pizza. The pie chefs at Smugs are totally in tune with their client’s needs and have some interesting topping combinations on their pizzas. They don't like to make the names overly complicated though so you know exactly what you'll get if you order a Carnivore, Omnivore or Herbivore pizza. The question is – what do they put on their Kitchen Sink pizza?

Best pizza near Eureka, California

Blue Lake

If you prefer messing around on a river rather than dipping your toes in the sea, take a fifteen-mile trip inland from Eureka to Blue Lake. There are no lakes in Blue Lake but you can get access to the Mad River there. There’s a surplus of swimming holes and hiking trails along the river banks as well as stretches of white water if you want to go kayaking or rafting. When you're exhausted and hungry from all the fresh air, pass by the Stardough Cafe on Railroad Avenue for a pizza.


Arcata sits on the opposite side of Arcata Bay from Eureka and is somewhere you might find yourself if you enjoy outdoor festivals. The fun never stops in Arcata. There's a weekly farmer's market in the city's plaza eight months of the year, an oyster fest, a samba fest, a Fourth of July fest, dance and music workshops, a county fair and to top it all off, a kinetic sculpture race. When you've had enough partying, pick up a pizza from Dutchy's on 11th Street.


The only time you might find yourself in the vicinity of the rural community of Loleta, which is around fifteen miles south of Eureka, is because you've been fishing or boating on the Eel River. The almost two-hundred-mile-long waterway skirts around Loleta as it makes its way from the mountains out to the Pacific Ocean. Hungry anglers and boaters can get a great pie from the Angelin Wood-fired Kitchen on Fernbridge Drive.


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