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Wyckoff, NJ is a wonderful area to live in New Jersey. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias for you to enjoy. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the state, so you’re sure to find plenty of unique pizza places here!

Pizza came to the state soon after it arrived in New York. The dish spread throughout the state, where it made its way to Wyckoff, NJ. Today, you can find plenty of Sicilian options there. The state is well known for having many different styles of pizza today. You’re sure to find something you love while in the area.

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Top Pizza Restaurants in Wyckoff Near You

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Wyckoff is Known For Sicilian Type Pizza

Sicilian pizza was brought to the United States from Sicily. The American variant is slightly different from the original that you can find in Italy. However, it’s still very delicious and unique when compared to the other pizza options in the States.

An authentic Sicilian uses a thick, spongy crust. The dough is made from olive oil, yeast, water, and flour, then left to rise. The dough is pushed into a square baking pan, then all of the toppings are added. There are plenty of options, although onions are one of the most popular ones.

Overall, you’re sure to enjoy this square type of pizza. There are plenty of options when it comes to toppings and ingredients. Many locals in Wyckoff can’t get enough of this pie! You’re sure to love it too. If you want the best pizzas in town, make sure to choose one of the below options.

Best Delivery Pizza in Wyckoff

If you want a fast and delicious delivery, we recommend that you order from Pizza Love on Wyckoff Avenue. They also offer grandma pizza and penne vodka, which are also very popular in this area. If you want to try some classic pies, they have them here!

The pizzeria is also very well known for being prompt with their service. They have caring, hard-working employees who always ensure that your food makes it to you hot and ready to eat! You’re sure to receive it earlier than the time they give you too, according to their many regulars.

So, if you want a classic pizza delivered right to your door, make sure to order from Pizza Love. They offer some of the best dishes around and always make sure that your order is completely taken care of.

Best Takeout Pizza in Wyckoff

However, if you’re already out of the house, then ordering takeout would be the more convenient option for you. In that case, we would recommend that you order from The Pizza Parlor instead. They have plenty of wonderful services that work well with their takeout options.

They have plenty of unique specials. You can try bolognese pies, mac and cheese pies, and plenty more. Of course, they also have many Sicilians available for you to enjoy. If you love creative, flavorful pies, then this would be the best place for you to order from.

The place is also open every single day, allowing you to order whenever you need a quick dinner. Plus, many locals recommend that you order from them ahead of time, so you can pick up the food on your way home for work. You can also enjoy their meals on your lunch breaks since they’re very fast.

Best Pizza Near Wyckoff


Newark isn’t very far away from the town. You can easily take a day trip there, see the sights, and enjoy a meal from Blaze Pizza. The location always makes sure to pile your pizzas high with plenty of delicious toppings. They have many tasty options for you to try out.

Jersey City

For those in Jersey City, we recommend that you try out Sage Eats. The place is newer and offers tasty Neapolitan-style pies. They offer many sides as well. Locals always recommend their rice bowls and sandwiches. Plus, you can try tiramisu or cannolis for a dessert.

New York City

If you’re in the city, we recommend that you check out Baker’s Pizza. They have some of the best slices around- you’re sure to love them! They also offer great customer service and always make sure that your meal is prepared to perfection.


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