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Los Angeles300 S Grand AveLos Angeles, CA 90071View menu
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Firenza Pizza was created by two pizza aficionados.nBetween the two of them, they have over sixty years of experience in the pizza restaurant business. They worked together owning and operating seventeen award winning pizza restaurants in northern Virginia for over twenty-five years. After selling those restaurants, they decided to create their own brand. Firenza Pizza was born!

They decided to create a pizza they would be proud to call their own. They knew to do that, they needed to start from the foundation and build from there. In pizza, the foundation is the crust. While only a few ingredients go into our dough recipe, it took weeks and many test batches to find that perfect recipe. Our recipe uses the finest 00 Italian flour. It enables our crust to get that perfect bake that results in a crispy outside with the soft airy finish on the inside of the crust that makes for pizza perfection.

On top of a great crust, you need a great sauce. At Firenza we offer a choice of several sauces, but our traditional pizza sauce is our most popular. We prepare it using tomatoes grown on a northern California farm by a family as committed to growing the finest tomatoes as we are to making the most outstanding pizza.

The next - and some would say the most important- part of a pizza is the cheese. Once again the two Daves (yes, we sometimes call them that) found a family run company to provide our cheeses. As with sauce, we offer several choices. Traditional mozzarella is the most popular. Our cheese is hands down the best cheese on the market. From the flavor to the bake, it is simply the best.

You could be eating pizza in less than an hour!

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